What Are the Necessary Electrical Maintenance Checks for School Buildings?

01 May 2019

Since school buildings are educational facilities for our young people of various ages, they need to be in safe, optimal operating condition at all times. To accomplish this, these buildings require constant inspection and maintenance. Part of what must be performed routinely include electrical maintenance checks on these educational buildings. These checks ensure that all electrical components and equipment work in the proper fashion.

Electrical Malfunctions Can Be More Than Just Inconvenient

You may consider electrical problems as just an inconvenient occurrence to deal with at your school. However, frayed wires and other electrical issues are a major cause of fires. The physical injuries or building damage from these fires can be horrific in severe cases. Electrical issues that can cause materials to catch on fire include malfunctions of electrical products, poorly installed or frayed wiring, circuit overload, misuse of extension cords and failure to properly maintain electrical equipment. Using old, outdated electrical equipment can be another cause of fire. Also, you need to realise that correcting any electrical issues is a job for professionals and not for amateurs. 

What Electrical Checks Should Include

• If you have a dedicated electrical control room, you should inspect it to ensure that it is clean, dry to prevent moisture from shorting out electrical equipment and components, well-ventilated and at the proper temperature at all times. Also, the room needs to be free of rodents and other pests since they can chew on electrical wiring. 

• Switchboards or fuse boxes need periodic inspection to ensure that they are working correctly. 

• Fans, HVAC or other electrically powered machinery should get a bi-annual check, even when you do not have any noticeable issues. 

• Check any exposed wiring to identify any corrosion or deteriorating. 

• All lighting fixtures need to be inspected, especially if they are flickering, dimmer than usual or otherwise malfunctioning. At times this is the LED or other type of bulb, but at other times, it may be a loose wire on the fixture itself. 

• Inspect the cords to all electrical devices from lamps to computers to ensure that they are not frayed. In addition, extension cords should never be overloaded or in less than desirable condition. 

For further facts about what the necessary electrical maintenance checks are for school buildings, consult with Light-On Electrical. We not only will advise you on what you should be doing on your own, but we also will perform the checks and testing that you are unqualified to perform on your own. If in the course of this, you find out that you need repairs, replacements or new installations of specific electrical components or wiring, we can deliver high-quality results to solve your needs.

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