Understand the Working Principles and Benefits of Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning

02 December 2021

Air conditioning systems have been around for a long time, helping buildings and structures stay cool no matter what the outdoor temperatures are. But since buildings and structures function and are built differently, they would most likely need specific types of air conditioning systems.

One type of air conditioning system that property owners can opt for is ducted refrigerated air conditioning. Ducted refrigerated air conditioning systems are maximised by a lot of property owners due to their efficient working principles and notable associated benefits.

An Overview of Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning

A standard air conditioning system would normally provide cool air through a series of steps. These steps include the thermostat giving off a signal for cooling, the refrigerant absorbing heat from the indoor air, fans blowing back cool air to the property, both refrigerant and fans releasing heat outdoors, and the refrigerant returning to the indoor unit of the air conditioning system.

The ducted refrigerated air conditioning system also maximises these steps in ensuring that the property will gain its needed cool air. However, it maximises extra components to effectively cool other areas of the property in just one operation. 

The outdoor compressor, for instance, is maximised to convert liquid into gas form. The use of copper pipes and consoles, alternatively, is meant to send cool air into various areas of the property. The use of a thermostat can then ensure that fans and other components are controlled effectively. The collected air by the ducted refrigerated air conditioning, ultimately, is filtered and sent to the property again.

Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning’s Key Benefits

A ducted refrigerated air conditioning offers a lot of benefits to property owners like you.

One of the benefits of ducted refrigerated air conditioning is that it can be flexible. Some makes of this system are capable of cooling and heating a property, as opposed to just cooling it. It is likewise flexible since it can be integrated with other functional accessories and energy-efficient systems such as zoning components, metal linear grilles, baby linear, swirl diffuser, and return air grilles.

Another great benefit of ducted refrigerated air conditioning is that it is compact. Unlike other air conditioning systems, this particular air conditioning system has a compact form factor that makes it suitable for any type of property. The separation of indoor and outdoor units likewise makes it easier to install and operate. The ductwork of the system is also sleek and simple.

One more benefit of ducted refrigerated air conditioning is that it is energy efficient. Through the inverter technology, it can easily carry out heating or cooling tasks without wasting too much money and energy. Loss in cold or hot air is also prevented through this type of air conditioning system.

To gain access to ducted refrigerated air conditioning, you can call us at Light-On Electrical. We can accomplish all types of electrical, air conditioning, and refrigeration needs for strata, commercial, industrial, and residential properties.

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