Underground Mains and Switchboard Installation in Victoria

17 June 2019

Whether you own a commercial warehouse or a residential building, having your underground mains and electrical switchboards installed by a reputable company is of the utmost importance. As you’ll hear a thousand times over, dealing with electricity is not a DIY job. Your mains and switchboard will direct electricity throughout your property in order to ensure that your power needs are met. This job is both difficult and dangerous, thus making it all the more important that you call on a reputable team of certified electricians. Here at Light-On Electrical, we can help you out in a variety of different ways.

Call Light-On Electrical for Switchboard and Mains Installation

You might be erecting a new commercial building or you might be starting your own residential development. In either situation, you’ll want to have electricity supplied to all of the rooms in the building, right? In order for a home or commercial building to have power, underground mains are going to need to be installed. In order for that power to get routed to the right places, a switchboard will also need to be installed. In both situations, you’ll need professional help. DIY electrical work can be devastating in terms of danger. Here is what our team at Light-On Electrical can do for you.

1) Family Owned – We are a family owned business. What does this mean? Well, we make it our personal goal to treat our customers as an extension of our family. Customer service is our focus and safe electrical work is our cause. When you call on Light-On, you get exactly what you pay for.

2) Qualified Resume – Light-On Electrical has been in business for more than 15 years. Throughout that period of time, we’ve perfected our work while expanding our knowledge. There is no switchboard installation that we cannot handle, nor is there a mains installation that is beyond our abilities.

3) Following Code– Most importantly, all of our work meets and exceeds building regulations and safety standards. We adhere to all codes in order to keep you safe while making sure that your home is legal.

Aside from our bullet point of promises, we also can customise your switchboard to fit your specific needs. Whether you are trying to build the next great processing plant, or you just want to rig up your new townhouse with electricity, we can be there to help you out.

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