Switchboard Installation for a Newly Built Factory: Hire Light-On Electrical

21 May 2019

Before a newly built factory is ready for use, all of its electrical components must be properly installed. This includes the switchboard that helps to distribute the electricity in an efficient, safe fashion. When this crucial component receives the correct installation, it delivers your power dependably and with as few problems as possible. However, if you hire the wrong company to perform the installation, your factory will be plagued with shorts and overloads. Turn to Light-On Electrical is the place to turn for high-quality switchboard installation along with other professional electrical services when you are in the Victoria area of Australia. 

Light-On Electrical Is a Family-Owned Company

Light-On Electrical is a family-owned business, which means that we can take a personal approach in servicing our clients. We can follow our own beliefs and standards instead of those from a mother company. You will receive courteous customer service each time you contact us, regardless of your needs or expectations. 

Our Company Is Highly Experienced

Light-On Electrical brings to you more than 15 years of experience in electrical contracting. In this time period, we have perfected our skills and knowledge through our exposure to a wide variety of electrical situations and issues. With all this experience, we can always come up with the best solutions for our clients’ electrical issues in a timely manner. 

We Work Closely With Our Clients

When clients are in the midst of constructing their factories, we will work closely with them to ensure that the electrical wiring, outlets, switchboard, and other components are designed and installed in the proper way to deliver electrical power to the entire building effectively and safely. With older or already built buildings, we will analyse if we can improve upon the present setup in case it is inadequate. 

Our Company Will Install Your Switchboard in Accordance With Local Building Codes

Another reason to turn to us is the fact that we adhere to any local building regulations and codes with our installations. This not only makes your setup safer, but it also prevents any fines, closures or even lawsuits in case of accidents. 

Light-On Electrical Will Customise Your Switchboard to Fulfil Your Unique Needs

The last reason to use our company for your switchboard installation is that we will customise it to address your specific requirements. After all, each factory has its own special needs for electricity. There should never be one solution for all. 

For further information about why you should rely on our company for a switchboard installation on your newly built industrial building, contact us soon. We will analyse your situation thoroughly and provide you with a quote.

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