Split Air Conditioning Systems: Ideal for Climatising Areas in Homes and Business Establishments

18 October 2019

Choosing the right air conditioning system for climatising areas in your home or commercial building can be a complicated decision to make. The easiest solution is installing a split air condition system since it does not require extensive ductwork or complex indoor equipment as with the traditional ducted HVAC systems. There are two main parts to this system. One part is the outdoor unit that contains the condenser and compressor, and the other part is the indoor unit that is called the air handler. These two main parts are connected together by a set of lines that consists of the power cable, refrigerant tube and the drain tube. In the following, we offer the many benefits of using this type of system to cool areas of your business or home to further educate you on this topic.

Easy Installation Process

Installation is relatively easy with split air conditioning or AC systems. The outdoor unit is set outside of the structure close to where the indoor unit will be placed. Only one opening is required in the wall of the house or building to run the line from the outdoor unit to the indoor one when you have a single split air conditioning system. If you choose to have a multi-split AC system, other holes will be needed to run the set of lines to each indoor unit.

Energy-Efficient Operation

Split air conditioning systems are extremely energy-efficient to operate since there is no loss of energy through the ducts as with ducted AC systems. As a result, this system also is cost-effective to use to climatise areas of your house or business.

Less Expensive That a Ducted HVAC System

Another benefit of the split air conditioning systems is that they are less expensive to purchase in comparison to ducted HVAC systems are due to the fact that the parts are not as large or complex. When you have limited funds to work with to fulfil your AC needs, choose a split AC system to bring the project to completion within your budget.

Individual Zone Controls for Each Area

Whether you install a split air conditioning or a multi-split AC system to climatise certain areas of your commercial building or house, you will gain the ability to control each zone individually. Even when you are using just one split AC system with another type of AC system, this remains true.

For further information about the benefits of climatising your business or home with a split air conditioning system, consult with Light-On Electrical. Our experts will come install this type of system at your location in a highly functional, durable way.

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