Quality Switchboards for Power Efficiency in Industrial Sites

17 April 2019

In order for industrial sites to have efficient power efficiency, their electrical systems must be top-notch. Usually, these sites have more complex needs than commercial or residential sites do since they operate equipment that require significant amounts of electricity each day unless they are extremely small businesses, which is rare. Due to the complexity of their electrical wiring, these sites need efficient control methods in place. For this reason, an integral part of these sites’ wiring layout is the switchboards that control how much power goes to each pertinent location that is preset when they are installed. Read the following to learn additional information about these control units. 

Industrial Electrical Systems Require Extensive Planning

To ensure that the industrial site has adequate power whenever it needs it, the electrical system requires in-depth planning. Wiring is just a small part of this system since it requires control equipment such as a switchboard and other elements as well. On top of all of this, the system must adhere to local building codes for safety and quality. 

Switchboard Construction

Multiple elements are in an electrical switchboard. A frame is necessary to hold all the other elements together securely. Also, there are circuit breakers, buses, service metering devices, over-current protection devices, a distribution section, outer covers and more. Switchboards can be freestanding or flush with the wall depending upon their configuration. 

The Role of the Switchboard

The switchboard’s purpose is to divide the incoming current into appropriate increments for further distribution throughout the industrial site. Also, it provides current protection to ensure there are no overloads. Metering and switching are other functions that the switchboards perform. All of the features come with any type or size of switchboard, but the current load and demand will vary from site to site. Switchboards also shut off at the first sign of issues to keep major malfunctions from occurring.

Some Considerations When Purchasing a Switchboard

While you definitely need to consult with a professional to know the exact switchboard that is right for your site, some considerations when purchasing one are as follows:

• Configuration
• Incoming current
• Power distribution needs
• Requirement for power protection
• The space that is available for its installation
• Metering requirements
• Add-ons for the switchboard
• Certification requirements
• Other considerations pertinent to your specific site

For further facts about quality switchboards for power efficiency in industrial sites, contact Light-On Electrical. We will guide you in the right direction for your industrial location. Also, our company offers professional installation of these control units along with a wide array of other electrical services. With our help, you will no longer have issues with your power delivery throughout your site.

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