Multi-Head Split System Air Conditioners: Reasons That Make Them Ideal for Structures with Limited Outdoor Space

04 October 2019

When you need to climatise more than just one area but have limited outdoor space for a condenser, it is important to select the right type of air conditioning or AC setup. A traditional ducted system comes with a large condensing unit that can engulf quite a bit of space on one side of your yard. Also, this type of system consumes more space in the interior of your structure. Instead of choosing this type of system to solve your cooling needs for two or more areas when you have a small outdoor space, choose a multi-head split system air conditioner for all the following reasons and benefits.

Multi-Head Split System Air Conditioning Setups Come With a Compact Condenser Unit

The condenser unit that comes with this type of air condition setup requires a fraction of the outdoor space in comparison to a ducted one. You preserve more of this space for enjoyable purposes such as gardening or a lawn.

No Ductwork Is Necessary for the Multi-Head Split System Air Conditioners

Along with saving space outdoors, you also save indoor space since these setups do not require ductwork. All they need is the refrigerant piping to come in the house from the condenser to connect to the indoor unit. It only needs a small hole in the wall for it to accomplish this. Also, the indoor unit installs on the wall without taking up a lot of room.

Split System Multi-Head AC Setups Are Easy to Install

Installation takes far less time with this type of air conditioning setup since it is not as invasive as a ducted system is in a house. In a matter of hours, you will be cooling your multiple indoor areas while conserving your outdoor space.

You Will Save Money Installing One of These Setups

Due to the fact that the parts are not as expensive as the ones for a ducted system is and that the installation is easier and less time consuming, you will save money by choosing a multi-head split system AC setup for your structure that is on a small section of land.

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