Is Ducted, Refrigerated Air Conditioning a Practical Choice for Homes?

02 April 2019

If you are similar to other homeowners, when your house gets too warm in the summer, you begin to sweat profusely and become lethargic. Through proper temperature control, though, you can prevent these side effects and create a pleasant indoor atmosphere in your home during the hotter months of the year here in Australia. One ideal way to accomplish this is with ducted, refrigerated air conditioning. In order for you to make an educated decision on whether this type of air conditioning is suitable for your home, we offer you the following details about it. 

Ducted, Refrigerated Air Conditioning Provides Effective Cooling to All Parts of Your House 

Since the ducts of this system run through the entire house, you receive consistent cooling results in every room of your home. Also, you can control the air conditioning from a single thermostat. 

It Is a Cost-Effective Home Cooling Method 

In comparison to split air systems, this type of air condition is your cost-effective choice when you have multiple rooms to cool. You need to remember that with split systems, you will need to pay installation for each unit that is installed inside your home. However, with ducted, refrigerated air conditioning, you only need to pay for one installation. 

Air Conditioning of This Style Is Easy to Pair With Central Heating 

Another attribute of this air conditioning is that you can combine it with central heating effectively without the need of additional ductwork or multiple thermostats. Both systems work harmoniously together and even share some of the components. 

An Aesthetically Pleasing Way to Cool Your House 

With a ducted system, the only evidence of it in a room is the vents necessary to deliver the cool air and return air for reprocessing through the system. Most rooms require just one vent for each purpose unless they are overly spacious. 

Installing Ducted, Refrigerated Air Conditioning May Increase Your Property Value 

One last reason that this type of air conditioning is an ideal choice for homes is the fact that it might increase your property value. Prospective homebuyers will appreciate the fact that they do not need to add their own air conditioning after they move into the house and might pay additional funds to purchase your house as a result. 

For further attributes of ducted, refrigerated air conditioning, turn to Light-On Electrical to learn if it is a practical choice for your home. We specialise in services for this style of air conditioning as well as other ones. Also, our company delivers expert electrical and refrigeration services. Upon request, we will issue you a quote of our solutions for your needs.

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