Electrical Switchboard Installation for New Homes: Why Is It Necessary?

25 March 2019

The installation of an electrical switchboard is a necessity in new homes. After all, it receives electrical current from one or more sources and delivers it to the individual sections of the house for usage. Years ago, the only way this transfer of current happened was through the use of fuse boxes with fuses that blew out on a regular basis. Switchboards are a great improvement upon this method. 

Distributes Power at the Required Current Levels 

A switchboard can contain a single panel or multiple panels depending upon the size of house, and its demand for electricity. Each panel has a series of switches that direct the electricity to their allotted section or device. For example, the heating and air conditioning system may have its own switch since it requires so much power to operate effectively. 

A Switchboard Controls the Current 

An electrical switchboard prevents overload since it divides up the current into different allotments. This keeps the electricity from accumulating too much in one area which can blow the system and cause a blackout. Instead of a blackout occurring, a switch will turn off as we cover in the next area. 

Shuts off Electricity at the First Sign of Problems 

If a switch in the switchboard detects a problem with the current flow, it will shut off until you reset it. Under certain circumstances, you may need an electrician to come to your home to repair a malfunction or other issue before you can turn the switch on once again. 

A Switchboard Is Customisable to Your Needs 

Another reason it is important to install an electrical switchboard in a new house is that you can customise it to suit your unique needs. Turn to a professional electrician to ensure that your switchboard is set up to deliver all of your power needs adequately. 

Different Types of Switchboards Are Available 

As with all other products today, there are different models of switchboards from which to make your selection. The electrician who will install your choice will be able to guide you in the one that is suitable for your house. The models differ in their construction, current rating, interrupt rating, voltage type, operational style and more. 

You Can Install More Than One Switchboard 

After you move into your new house, your electrical needs may increase. To keep up with this higher demand, you can add a second switchboard if the first one is full up. Of course, this requires additional wiring as well. 

For further facts about why switchboard installation is necessary for new homes, contact Light-On Electrical. We specialise this type of installation along with other electrical services. Also, we provide services for air conditioning and refrigeration.

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