Electrical Safety During Home Renovation Projects

26 March 2020

When renovating a house, there are various elements that must be considered before proceeding with the project. Some systems that are mostly affected by renovation works are the electrical, plumbing, and the HVAC system. The electrical system can be problematic for some contractors since it may get in the way of the renovation project.

Ensuring the safety of the contractors must be the number one priority in every renovation project. So, getting the electrical system checked is very important. You will never know, your home might have already been infested with electrical problems that can affect your home. To make your home renovation project successful, here are some ways that will ensure the safety of your electrical system. 

Add More Outlets

Your requirements for electrical power when your family first moved in maybe enough before. However, families tend to grow, and so does your electrical power. When you renovate your home, you may want to consider checking the electrical power needed for your current household. If you really need to add more outlets, then request for their installation from your contractors. After all, adding outlets will always be safer than relying on multiple power strips and extension cords. Moreover, you don’t need to unplug some of your appliances just to give way for other electrical devices.

Replace Old Outlets

Since you are now adding new outlets, you can also take this opportunity to assess the condition of your existing outlets. Some outlets cannot hold onto the end of the plug of your appliances whenever you use them. You may even be surprised whenever the plug will be laying on the floor after just a few minutes of plugging in your appliance. When this happens, it only means that the clip of your outlet cannot hold the plug much any longer due to a long time of use. Without replacing these worn-out outlets immediately, they can inevitably cause fire accidents due to the release of arcs and sparks.

Install Safety Devices

Safety devices such as fuses, circuit breakers, and ground fault circuit interrupters are designed to immediately turn off the electrical supply whenever your plugged-in item comes in contact with water or other sources of moisture. Older homes usually don’t have these safety devices, so install them alongside your home renovation project. Most of the time, you can install these devices in bathrooms and kitchens.

Upgrade Electric System

In relation to your additional outlets, you must also upgrade your electric system by increasing your power capacity. Outdated panels cannot supply the needed power of modern appliances and devices. Moreover, the increasing number of your outlets would also require an additional power source for them to be functional. New electric panels also have the technology to help your power consumption regulated safely.

Another upgrade that you must do for your project’s electrical safety will revolve around electrical wiring. Appliances and devices now require power that is stable and does not fluctuate. If you have faulty electrical wirings, the power provided will be unstable, which can damage your appliances and devices in the long run. You can replace some fault electrical wirings that are hidden behind the walls alongside the renovation of your home.

Home renovation projects must be conducted with safety in mind. Assessing and performing electrical safety measures enable your contractors to work effectively during the whole home renovation activity. If you need a contractor who will perform electrical safety activities, then give us a call now at Light-On Electrical.

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