Benefits of Customised Coolrooms and Freezers for Business Owners

03 December 2019

Stock coolrooms and freezers perform well with certain conditions. However, most businesses vary on how the rooms are located and maintained. The functionality and environment of the room itself are also different from one company to another. To effectively regulate the temperature of the products, you should have your coolrooms and freezers customized according to your needs.

We initially designed our coolrooms based on how we thought that can be effective for us. But as our business expands, we sometimes fail to see the need to cater to more products and other varying conditions. By customizing it, we can maximize the temperature regulating powers of the entire room, as well as the customized freezers. Aside from this benefit, here are some more benefits of customized coolrooms and freezers for business owners like you.

Waste is Minimized

Since our rooms are made different from others, then we have a certain set of dimensions and qualities that can be readily sent out to the service provider. We will be maximizing all spaces of our room and minimizing the waste. A refrigeration unit, or units if your room is huge enough, will cool the products and commodities as exactly as it should be. With your service provider, they can also set the partitions to fully maximize the cooling potential of your new coolrooms and freezers. Moreover, you now have the time to think about your plans and suggest a design plan that will prepare your room for future expansions. 

Airflow is Maximised

While we keep the wasted space to the minimum, the customization of the coolroom and its freezers affect the airflow of the whole room. Aside from temperature, the airflow of a customized coolroom can reach all corners of the room thanks to the formation of shelves and other storage boxes. In a normal coolroom, storages and shelves may be seen stacked to one another without considering the spacing and other factors. A customized coolroom, however, is built out of planning so that the airflow and temperature are regulated the way that can yield the highest production and income rate possible. To remove obstructive surfaces from the storage environment, an epoxy coating is applied to the wire mesh shelves. This coating will protect the metal frame of the shelves while giving space to the circulation of frosty currents from the refrigerating unit.

Assembly is Specified

Like mentioned earlier, customized coolrooms and freezers are assembled based on the liking and preferences of the business owner. They are also customized according to the nature of the business and your initial layout. Take a beverage storage enclosure as an example. Customers have the option to use multiple glass doorways to pick up their preferred beverages. The employees, on the other hand, are working on the back of these doorways behind the racks. The employees have access to the coolrooms through a concealed door. Freezers do the same thing but use thick entryways, spring-loaded clasps, and composite wall panels to lock the arctic chill. Moreover, there are tons of backup if ever one unit fails on your customized coolroom. This contingency plan is a must to avoid any hiccups during the business operating hours. 

Income is Guaranteed

With customized coolrooms, your business can expect huge sales in the next few weeks. Your items that need to be precooled are now cooled for a certain amount of time before they are stored on their designated places. Moreover, the health and safety of your food are prioritized with customized coolrooms. At a given temperature, some food products must be regulated before serving them to customers.  Having customized coolrooms and freezers can certainly benefit your business in many ways. From your income to maintenance, your coolrooms and freezers will help your business bloom. If you want to know more about customized coolrooms and freezers, just contact us at Light-On Electrical.

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