An Early Reminder on Electrical Safety Guidelines During the Holiday Season

26 September 2019

The holiday season here in Australia is full of all sorts of festivities from community parties to family gatherings. Part of these celebrations are light-filled trees, illuminated decorations and other electrically powered enhancements. Sadly, another part of these festivities are malfunctions and even fires due to unsafe electrical practices. To prevent you from dealing with these issues, we provide you with the following early reminder on electrical safety guidelines during the holiday season.

1. Purchase only lights that contain low-wattage bulbs. Also, they need to be UL safety approved, and here in Australia that means that you need to look for the label that states, “UL Certified SAFETY AU E12345”. On top of this, LED lights are the most energy-efficient as well as long-lasting.

2. Always test your lights before using them to be certain that they do not start to melt or smoke when plugged in for at least 15 minutes.

3. Inspect old lights to locate any cracked sockets, broken bulbs, frayed wires, inadequate insulation or loose connections.

4. Never overload extension cords, circuits and outlets since this can cause shorts and even fires.

5. Adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions as far as how many light strings are safe to connect together for a tree or a structure. Most of the time these instructions state that no more than three strings should be connected in a continuous light line. A fuse may blow and possibly cause a fire if you ignore the warnings.

6. Use insulated clips rather than staples, tacks or nails to hang lights on a home or other structure. The latter three fastening methods can fray the wires of the lights.

7. Never use indoor lights for outdoor uses since they are not rated to stand up to weather, such as rain.

8. Outdoor lights burn hotter than indoor lights and for this reason, you should not use them on your indoor tree.

9. When you change the light bulbs or adjust the strings of light, unplug them to eliminate the risk of shock.

10. If you choose to use an artificial Christmas tree, make sure that it is flame-resistant.

11. Water a real tree daily to prevent it from drying out. It is at risk of catching on fire from the lights when it becomes too dry.

12. Always turn off your holiday lights when you are away from your home or other structure and when you are asleep.

For further information about this early reminder on electrical safety guidelines during the holiday season, turn to Light-On Electrical. Our company specialise in a vast array of quality electrical, air conditioning and electrical services for residential, commercial, strata and industrial properties.

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