What Is a Multi- Head Split System Air Conditioner? When Do You Need One?

02 July 2019

Ductless air conditioners come in both split and multi-head split versions. The first one connects one outdoor unit to one indoor unit and is suitable for cooling a single interior space. In the multi-head split system air conditioner, one outdoor unit connects with more than one indoor unit to cool multiple interior spaces. It is this latter one that we will be discussing in this information to help you know if it is right to fulfil your cooling needs.

Definition of a Multi-Head Split System Air Conditioner

A multi-head or multi-split system air conditioner is a more complex type of ductless cooling system that the split-style ones are. Instead of just cooling one zone like the split ones, this more complex setup can cool multiple zones. It accomplishes this by connecting one outdoor unit to multiple interior units without the need of duct work. The multi-head split system also provides individual temperature controls for each indoor unit and zone. It is extremely customisable to suit your specific needs and structure.

The Installation of Multi-Split System Air Conditioner

Even though a multi-head split system does not require duct work to operate correctly, it still needs professional installation. We say this since there is electrical wiring, refrigerant and other elements of it that need an expert to handle them properly and safely during installation.

A Multi-Head Split System Air Conditioner Versus a Ducted One

You can add a multi-split system air conditioner easily during or after the construction of your structure without severely cutting into the ceilings and walls. The same cannot be said about a ducted air conditioning system. This system is best installed during the construction or a renovation of a structure since it has more invasive demands. For this reason, the multi-head split system air conditioner costs far less to install in a structure.

How to Tell If You Need a Multi-Split System Air Conditioner

If you are in a quandary over whether you should install a split system air conditioner or a multi-head split one, count the open zones that you need to cool. When you only need to cool the air in one open room or area, the split will suffice. You need to choose the multi-split one when you have more than one area to cool since there will be walls blocking the airflow from one room to the next.

For further advice about if you need a multi-head split system air conditioner, consult with Light-On Electrical. We will supply this type of air conditioner along with a professional installation if you decide it is the one for you after meeting with us.

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