The Importance of Using Group Meter Panels for Unit Developments and Townhouses

06 January 2022

Unit developments and townhouses will never be complete without a bunch of electrical systems in each living space. And since these buildings maximise high amounts of electricity, the need to ensure their safety must be increased as well.

Electricity is vital to ensure proper operations of appliances, devices, and fittings. Through a stable power supply, various lighting, heating, cooling, and other processes can be conducted inside the previously mentioned residential properties. One great way, however, to keep these operations and processes safe is to maximise group meter panels.

Key Features of Group Meter Panels

Group meter panels are switchboards that can help multi-tenant buildings sustain their safety. These switchboards can also be maximised in shopping centres, office buildings, and other types of residential properties. Some may use these switchboards temporarily, while others are integrated permanently.

Many property owners opt for group meter panels since they are comprised of components that can ensure the safety of their buildings. Some of these components are service disconnection devices, service fuses, meter panel isolators, and outgoing circuit breakers. Most of these components fully comply with the rules stated by the local authorities to avoid any unnecessary accidents or expenses.

The content of these switchboards can be further modified to ensure that they can meet the requirements of property owners. During their design phase, group meter panels can boast varying levels of protection, different powder-coat finishes, and custom enclosure to make them functional and long-lasting.

The Significance of Correct Metering

One key purpose of adding group meter panels into unit developments and townhouses is that they can ensure correct metering of power. Since each unit of these properties consumes different amounts of electricity, they must all be billed precisely and separately.

Group meter panels, fortunately, can monitor the power consumption of each dwelling unit. This specific function allows the units to be individually charged for their overall power consumption. It is contrary to other properties that often charge tenants or unit owners with the median average of the power used by the entire property.

Cutting Off Power Supply Individually

Group meter panels do not only monitor the power usage of dwelling units, but they can also disconnect individual units from the power supply due to a couple of reasons. Some units may have to lose their power connections since their tenants have already vacated the place. Others, alternatively, must be cut off from power connections as they have not paid their bills for a long time. Some units must not also have power due to ongoing refurbishment or reconstruction activities.

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