How to Light Each Room of Your Home Appropriately?

15 December 2021

When designing a home property, designers and other contractors have to make sure that every aspect of the property design will be accounted for. One aspect of property design that should be considered thoroughly by the professionals is the lighting.

Through a well-lit home property, occupants can expect to obtain a lot of benefits. One great benefit of a well-lit home property is it improves the overall health of the occupants. Rooms and spaces with great lighting can help occupants minimise eye strains and headaches, improve sleep, and enhance their overall energy, mood, and safety. A well-lit home property can likewise make the whole place valuable as it can showcase various focal points of the house. A home property with great lighting can also boost property value, make the whole place inviting, and generate a lively ambience.

To ensure that your property will provide these benefits, here are some tips that you can do when adding some lights to each of your rooms.

Living Room

One of the most flexible rooms in your home is the living room. It is considered to be flexible as it can be utilised in various ways such as cosy movie nights, casual entertainment of guests, playing area, and so on. Given its adaptable purposes, your living room can easily take advantage of track lighting. A track lighting enables your living room to be illuminated with an ambient, task, or accent lighting. It can likewise provide a wide array of lighting schemes, patterns, and other customisation options. Other lighting options that can be maximised in your living room are valance lighting and plug-in floor lamp torchieres.


The kitchen is the heart of your home property. After all, delicious meals are often prepared and served from this area. Since food preparation and other activities are done inside the kitchen, it should boast an appropriate task and ambient lighting. Task lighting, for instance, must be present on the counters, on the island, and over the sink. Undercabinet lights can also be great to ensure that food preparation activities are done properly. Ambient lighting, alternatively, must be placed on a ceiling fixture so the whole kitchen will be illuminated accordingly.


Another room of your home property that must be filled with the right type of lighting is the bathroom. Personal grooming and hygiene are often conducted in this room. Hence, it should be equipped with lights that can help with these activities without causing dangers. When placing some lights inside the bathroom, they must not point down at the mirror to avoid casting unnecessary shadows. For better bathroom appeal, you should integrate some sconces or pendants on each side of the mirrors to balance the lights. Remember that wall-mounted lights in a bathroom will be better than overhead lights.

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