Most home properties are filled with elements that would make them feel more comfortable and more appealing. These elements are likewise included to ensure that the rooms and spaces on these properties will be functional and valuable.

One of the basic elements of home properties is lighting. Lighting parts and components are intended to illuminate key areas of the properties, especially at night. They can likewise brighten up the spaces whenever the sun is not shining. And as places are lit up, occupants can easily perform their daily activities without bumping, falling, or tripping to nearby objects.

Aside from their core function of brightening up the spaces, lighting can also make sure that the properties will be much more appealing. It can also help in maintaining the health of the occupants.

Proper Bedroom Lighting is Necessary

One part of home properties that require proper lighting is the bedroom.

If you want to improve the appearance and functionality of your bedrooms, then you have to consider their lighting. You see, bedrooms are primarily intended to let people sleep comfortably at night or whenever they want to. With a bedroom that has proper lighting as well as other aspects, it can easily let one’s sleep cycle proceed without serious interruptions and issues. A bedroom that has bad lighting, alternatively, can easily complicate and disrupt the body’s circadian rhythm.

The circadian rhythm pertains to the process that regulates the sleep-wake cycle. With a combination of bad lighting, noisy surroundings, and others, your sleep cycle can be quickly disrupted, which can then affect your overall mood, functions, and other body elements for a day. A bedroom has bad lighting if it gives off bright blue-white light since this type of lighting makes people feel alert. Lighting fittings that mimic natural light are also not great for a bedroom since they can throw off one’s internal sleep clock.

Tips to Improve Your Bedroom Lighting

To ensure that your bedroom can enhance the sleep quality of your family, then here are some tips that you need to do.

Of course, once you feel drowsy and sleepy, you now have the option to turn off the lights completely so that you can sleep comfortably. To obtain high-quality lighting fittings on your bedroom and other parts of your home, you can call us at Light-On Electrical.

Foodservice businesses can maximise various types of storage options in storing their needed food products. One of the storage options that they can go for is the coolroom.

A coolroom is typically maximised by many foodservice businesses due to its benefits. For one, it can effectively store many food products in various spaces through suitable shelving systems. Additionally, a coolroom can regulate and maintain the temperatures of its space, ensuring that the food products will not get spoiled before their intended consumption or use. A coolroom is also beneficial to many businesses since it allows employees to load and unload products very quickly.

While many coolrooms can be installed in commercial establishments, others can be transported anywhere. If you are considering a transportable coolroom for your business operations, then here are some reasons why you should go for it.

Guarantee Convenience

Opting for a transportable coolroom can be great for you since it can provide substantial convenience to your business. Whenever you need to conduct some cooking or selling activities in different places or events, you can now go alongside your transportable coolroom. With its accompanying convenience, you can ensure that your products will stay cold until they are taken out of the coolroom. The only things that you will ever need for your coolroom to run is a vehicle and a stable power source.

Save Tons of Resources

Another benefit of maximising a transportable coolroom is that it can save you a lot of resources. When installing a fixed coolroom, you have to find a suitable space first. Additionally, it would require you to add some more fans and air cooling systems to ensure that it can run optimally. It even needs regular maintenance, which can add more expenses to your business. Opting for a transportable coolroom, alternatively, eliminates most of these needs since it can already operate optimally on its own.

Add More Storage Area

Speaking of a suitable space, going for a transportable coolroom can give you some more space for storage. If your establishment already has a fixed coolroom, you may expect that it is already enough to cater to your business operations. However, there might be some instances when you do not have adequate space for storing your food products. Obtaining a transportable coolroom, fortunately, can give you more storage area, which you can also use anytime you need and want.

Regulate System Operation

One more benefit of a transportable coolroom is that it allows you to regulate system operations effectively. With a transportable coolroom, you can adjust its temperature easily through modern types of controls. Once adjusted, you can expect it to provide a consistent temperature throughout its operations, preventing your food products from getting spoiled or damaged. The coolroom’s easy regulation of the temperature keeps your business operations stable, even if you are away from your establishment. To gain access to a quality transportable coolroom, you can contact us at Light-On Electrical.

Electrical systems are significant to properties due to their associated functions. Utilising conductors and other electrical components, these systems can carry, distribute, and convert electrical power to various things that need electrical energy. Some of these things are machines, appliances, and utility fittings.

And for these systems to remain functional and safe, they must feature different components that can cut off the electricity whenever necessary. Circuit breakers, fuses, electrocution protection, and arc fault protection are only some of the safety components that can prevent electrical system issues from coming up. With these components, damages on properties and injuries are expected to be minimised.

Understanding the Dangers of Electrical Faults

Despite the presence of these electrical safety components, electrical faults can still be present in the power systems. Electrical faults are abnormalities on the electric current that often disrupt the normal flow of the power supply. The generation of faults can diminish the insulation strength between the earth and phase conductors, leading to different hazardous effects.

Electrical faults can be generated due to various reasons. For one, weather conditions such as lightning strikes, heavy rains, and strong winds can all interrupt the electrical systems, generating electrical faults on the systems. Machine and equipment failures due to faulty components and aging can likewise cause electrical faults. Ultimately, electrical faults can be caused by improper installation of machines and electrical systems as well as failure to inspect and maintain the system components regularly.

If ever electrical faults are not determined right away, they can generate dangerous effects on properties. The presence of electrical faults may trip the relays, damage the insulation of power systems, and ruin various machines. Electrical faults can likewise shock or even kill people. Moreover, electrical faults can cause electrical fires, generating costly property damages.

The Value of Fault Finding in Electrical Systems

Given the dangers of electrical faults, property owners like you should hire professionals to conduct fault finding activities. Fault finding basically entails the testing of electrical equipment pieces to determine if they are still safe for use. It can likewise help in verifying the main source of circuit problems.

Fault finding can be done through numerous ways of continuity tests. One of these ways is dead continuity testing, which requires the property owner or technician to switch off the power to mitigate shock risks. A multimeter is typically used to check if the electrical path of the system is complete. Once the device emits a beep sound, then a system has a complete electrical path. If it does emit the same sound, then the path of the electricity is broken.

Fault finding in electrical systems can be done by the property owners themselves. However, the risks of doing this testing can be dangerous. For best and accurate results, property owners like you are advised to hire professionals in conducting fault finding activities. These professionals, after all, have all the tools needed to not only check the electrical systems but also resolve any issues.

For more information about fault finding, feel free to call us at Light-On Electrical.

Restaurants and other similar food establishments utilise different storage solutions to keep their products fresh. After all, these storage solutions serve as the heart of their operations. 

One type of storage solution that they utilise is a commercial freezer. It is primarily comprised of components that can freeze food products to effectively preserve their quality and prolong their shelf life prior to their usage or consumption. Compared to a residential freezer, a commercial freezer is designed to have a larger storage capacity and more complex components. It can likewise provide a more stable cooling function as well as more robust construction.

When it comes to choosing your commercial freezer, here are some elements that you should consider.


Two types of commercial freezers that you can choose from are chest freezers and upright freezers. A chest type freezer boasts a small footprint, but it can offer a lot of space when storing bulky food products. A chest freezer likewise contains some bins or dividers so that the organisation of food items can be done effectively. Another type of commercial freezer is the upright freezer. An upright freezer may appear like a regular refrigerator since it contains shelves and door storage for the proper organisation of products. Products can be easily seen with an upright freezer compared to the chest freezer.


The next element to consider when choosing your commercial freezer is its size. You know the number of food products that you will store throughout your operations. With this detail alone, you can easily pinpoint the right size of the freezer that can be great for your business. If you want a more detailed size estimate for your freezer, you may keep in mind that one cubic foot of space is equivalent to storing about 35 pounds of food. But even after finding the right freezer size for your business, you must still consider the available installation area for the freezer so that you can install it without any issues.

Energy Use

Another element to consider when selecting a commercial freezer for your business is its energy use. Many manufacturers have been releasing tons of commercial freezers for a long time now. And with these freezers, many of them are designed to consume energy smartly without generating too many expenses. You must go for a commercial freezer that utilises energy properly and performs effectively. A chest freezer may be great for you if you want to save a lot of energy in your whole operation.


One more element to consider when buying a commercial freezer is its organisation option. A chest freezer might save you tons of energy, but an upright freezer boasts the ability to keep your food products organised and stored well. An upright freezer may even grant you the ability to reach for the food products easier compared to its counterpart. The compartment dividers inside the upright freezer make it more convenient to access for employees.

If you need some help in choosing the best commercial freezer for your establishment, you can contact us right away at Light-On Electrical.

Industrial buildings are primarily intended to produce, store, and distribute products and goods to various customers and businesses. And for the operations of these buildings to be effective and successful, they must be equipped with the correct machines and equipment pieces.

Machines used in these buildings often help in conducting all the needed activities of their main business operations. They are often designed to work for a very long time, filling them with components that are made from durable materials. They can also tolerate and even withstand surrounding elements, making sure that they can work all the time. Some examples of industrial machines include lathes, drilling machines, grinding machines, presses, and boilers.

But before businesses can fully maximise these machines, they must be installed properly first. Here are some ways on how to maintain the safe installation of these machines.

Follow the Operating Manual

All industrial machines are accompanied by an operating manual so that users can gain more information about their basic operating procedures and safe installation guidelines. By following the said manual, the installation of these machines can be done appropriately and safely. Doing this can also preserve the service life of the machines since they are expected to be not damaged during installation.

Load the Machines Appropriately

Somehow connected to the previous tip, safe installation of industrial machines can be done if the installers will be loading or unloading them carefully. Some components of these machines can be sensitive. And if ever they are dropped by the installers accidentally, there is a huge chance that they have obtained some serious damages. When loading or unloading these machines, installers must make sure that they are on a level and stable ground. 

Wear High-Visibility Clothing

The people in areas where the machinery installation will be done must know that some people are conducting the installation works. For workers who are assigned to conduct the installation, they must be wearing high-visibility clothing so that anyone can recognise them right away. They must likewise wear steel-toed boots or other similar footwear to ensure that they will be free from any injuries.

Maintain Clear Communication

Another great tip that can help in maintaining the safe installation of industrial machines is to establish clear communication among installers and other people on site. Installers must work together to ensure that the loading of the machines to their intended spaces can be done safely. Blind spots can likewise be avoided if the installers will communicate with each other clearly. They can also obtain two-way radios or spotters so that they can receive or provide instructions on the fly.

Assess the Conditions of the Site

Ultimately, installers and other needed professionals should conduct the installation site first before proceeding with the whole work. A visual check for possible dangers on the site must be determined ahead of the installation process so that they can all be addressed right away.

Machines in industrial buildings are mostly powered by electricity. And so, to ensure that your machines will be installed safely and connected to the power effectively, feel free to call us at Light-On Electrical.

Industrial buildings are huge multipurpose structures that are often dedicated to a wide array of machine operations. They can likewise house different office spaces, break rooms, bathrooms, and storage areas. Some examples of these buildings include bulk distribution warehouses, cold storage buildings, manufacturing buildings, data centres, and flexible buildings.

One typical requirement of industrial buildings is the presence of a stable power system. One primary reason behind the need for this requirement is that a lot of machines, devices, and other similar things depend on electricity. Additionally, the existence of a stable power system enables these buildings to carry out their day-to-day operations without experiencing any downtimes or mishaps.

A Quick Overview of Electrical Faults

But one power system issue that industrial building owners like you should prevent is known as electrical fault. An electrical fault is best described as the deflection of the current from its intended path or route. Once an electrical fault exists, it can easily reduce the insulation strength between the earth and phase conductors. It can likewise decrease the impedance between the same mentioned elements. As electrical fault stays undetected, your industrial building can obtain issues that can be costly and dangerous. With electrical faults, the normal flow of your building’s electric current will be eventually disturbed.

There are numerous causes of electrical faults. One of the causes of electrical faults is the failure of your machines, devices, and other similar things. Some of these things may already be too old for continuous usage. Their cables may have also some defects, especially when it comes to their insulation. Another possible cause of electrical faults is human errors. Mistakes that may be generated after servicing or maintaining the machines, devices, and others can cause electrical faults. Electrical faults may also happen if the rating for the machines, devices, and others is done improperly.

Smoke, ultimately, can lead to electrical faults. Usually produced from open fires, smoke can ionise the air, which can then lead to the sparking of overhead transmission lines. As insulators interact with smoke particles, their insulating capacity might also deteriorate.

Notable Dangers of Electrical Faults

Without resolving the existence of electrical faults, they can generate more problems and dangers to your industrial building.

One of the notable dangers of electrical faults is that they can generate overcurrent flow. All circuits that are affected by the electrical faults will obtain a very low impedance path for the flow of the current. With a low impedance path, a high current will be drawn from the power supply, which would then cause relays to get tripped, insulation obtaining damages, and sparks being generated.

Another danger of electrical faults is that they can lead to damaged machines, devices, and other types of equipment pieces. Their components might get burnt once they are exposed to high current and short circuit faults. With burnt components, most electrical equipment will be destroyed.

One more accompanying danger of electrical faults is electrical fires. Without resolving the root causes of electrical faults, your building might be on fire as short-circuiting continues. This danger might then result in loss of property, assets, and even lives.

To know how to resolve electrical faults, you can call us at Light-On Electrical.

Split air conditioners are preferred by many property owners due to their accompanying benefits. For one, they can generate high-quality cool air without costing too much energy. Another benefit of split air conditioners is that they operate without generating too much noise. Other benefits of utilising split air conditioners include increased security, improved property appeal, and guaranteed controls.

But to effectively maximise all the benefits and features of these air conditioners, they must be maintained efficiently. Here are the 6 best ways to increase their lifespan and sustain their performance.

  1. Change Filters Every Month

The filter components of split air conditioners play a vital role in maintaining the air quality of the property. That is why they should be changed regularly to sustain the performance of the split air conditioners. It is recommended for the filters to be changed every month or two. Failure to change them would allow filtered pollutants to damage other components of the air conditioners.

One of the main components of split air conditioners is the compressor. It is often responsible for compressing low pressure, low volume gas and converting it into a high pressure, high volume gas. This part can also maintain the boiling point of the air conditioners by removing the vapour. Cleaning it regularly allows the air conditioner to release cool and refreshing air.

Another vital part of split air conditioners that must be cleaned is the ducts. Air ducts that are full of dirt and debris must be cleaned so that the high-quality air can pass through freely. Without cleaning the duct, the airflow can be affected significantly. The quality of the air can also be altered given that its pathway is full of dirt particles. The performance of other air conditioner components can also be affected.

The main purpose of the evaporator coil is to absorb the heat from the air with the help of a chilled refrigerant. The said refrigerant can remove the heat from the air that the compressor sends in. If the evaporator coil has been around for years, then it must be replaced with a new one to fully maximise its functionalities. Replacing it will also prolong the service life of the air conditioner.

Even though certain parts of the split air conditioners are already cleaned, they might still not produce cold air at all. This problem can exist if the refrigerant level of the air conditioner is already low. Aside from the absence of cold air, a low refrigerant level may generate ice inside the components of the air conditioner. Altering or replacing the refrigerant can, fortunately, resolve these issues.

The refrigerant of an air conditioner is typically responsible for the cooling of air. However, it might suddenly leak due to faulty components inside the air conditioner. The leakage of refrigerant can be dangerous, especially if it is inhaled by people. Calling for professionals can help resolve the refrigerant leak. They can likewise pinpoint and fix the area where the refrigerant has leaked.

If you need some help with your split air conditioners, feel free to contact us at Light-on Electrical.

Owners of buildings and structures typically incorporate emergency lighting on their properties given that it is required by law. Additionally, emergency lighting can help assure the safety of these properties, particularly those who are inside the premises if ever some types of emergencies happen.

But what makes emergency lighting different from other types of lighting? One aspect of emergency lighting that differentiates it from other lighting types is that it can still run even without a power supply. Normal lighting relies heavily on the power supply to function optimally. Emergency lighting, on the other hand, has a backup power that allows it to illuminate the place during the loss of mains electricity. It can likewise bring illumination to pathways where the emergency exits of the properties are located.

Apart from these qualities, there are five more facts about emergency lighting that you must know about. 

  1. Different Types of Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting can be grouped into various types. The first type of emergency lighting is the escape route lighting, which is utilised to provide illumination on escape routes. Another type of emergency lighting is the high-risk task area lighting. This type of lighting is intended for places where dangerous processes or materials are present and must be monitored closely. Open area lighting, ultimately, is a type of lighting that can guide the building occupants towards a place where an escape route is present.

One primary purpose of emergency lighting is to illuminate the exit routes. Hence, for business properties, emergency lighting should be placed on hallways, stairways, and building exit points to ensure the safety of employees, customers, and other people inside the premises. Emergency lights must also illuminate any trip hazards, firefighting equipment, and call points.

Another fact about emergency lighting that you should know about is that it must be installed and maintained by professionals. There are qualified fire safety companies out there that can help property owners in planning the places of the lights as well as the installation proper. Aside from installation, the maintenance of the lights must be conducted by the same professionals to avoid any problems.

Aside from installation and maintenance, the emergency lights that are installed in a property must be tested by professionals. Testing the lights without any professional help might cause mishaps along the way. It might even cause power disruptions and generate safety risks.

While emergency lights can help in illuminating key areas of a property once the mains power fails, they should not be maximised as the standby lighting. Emergency lights have features that distinguish them from ordinary lights. And typically, lighting them up signifies that an evacuation must take place right away. Using them as standby lighting would only confuse people and even cause panic.

If you want to know more about emergency lighting, feel free to give us a call at Light-On Electrical. We can accomplish all types of electrical, air conditioning, and refrigeration needs for strata, commercial, industrial, and residential properties.

Properties are often equipped with switchboards for safety purposes. Switchboards are often installed on buildings and structures as they can effectively divide the electrical power feed into branch circuits, ensuring that each section or load can receive enough flow of electricity from one or multiple sources. These branch circuits then utilise protective circuit breakers or fuses to ensure that the current flow can be regulated in case it overflows or goes beyond the recommended level.

Due to the significance of the switchboards, property owners should ensure that they are in good condition. With faulty switchboards, they can easily cause fires, property damages, electrocutions, and other forms of serious injuries. Fortunately, there are warning signs that could alert you if ever your switchboard needs assessment and repairs. Some of these signs are as follows:

Blinking Lights

If your lights keep on blinking or flickering from time to time, then your switchboard may already have some problems. This issue becomes more and more apparent whenever you are using a lot of appliances and equipment pieces in one go, which only means that your switchboard has some difficulties in handling and sustaining the power demand of your property. Having your switchboard fixed at this point can prevent it from causing more serious issues along the way.

Burning Odour

One of the switchboard issues that are more serious than blinking lights is the presence of burning odour. A switchboard that generates burning odour truly needs some urgent repairs as some of its parts may already have heated due to faulty wiring and cables. The heating of your switchboard may also come from overloading, making your property more vulnerable to fire incidents and other life-threatening issues.

Faulty Protective Devices

Circuit breakers and fuses serve as the switchboard’s protective devices, cutting off the current flow whenever overloading and power spikes are imminent. However, if these protective devices keep on tripping, then your switchboard must be inspected and repaired right away. Tripping circuit breakers and blowing fuses typically signify the failure of the switchboard to handle the high demand for power in your property, which may likewise call on the installation of a new and improved switchboard.

Outdated Switchboard

Another sign that your switchboard needs repairs and other forms of services is that if it is already old and outdated. This type of switchboard may have some features and specifications that are already outdated and obsolete these days. It might even not work at full capacity anymore since modern appliances and devices that require electricity may demand more power. If you have an old and outdated switchboard, it would be best for you to install a new one to ensure it can be safe and efficient.

These warning signs can help you ensure that your switchboard can be functional without compromising safety and security. If you want to know more about switchboards, do not hesitate to call us at Light-On Electrical. We are an electrical contractor and family-owned business with over 15 years of experience serving the Melbourne Metropolitan Area. We can accomplish all types of electrical, air conditioning, and refrigeration needs for strata, commercial, industrial, and residential properties.

Fire can be destructive to properties, especially if it has reached multiple areas of structures and spaces. Aside from property destruction, fire incidents can also cause some injuries and health problems given that the fire can emit extremely high temperatures and release harmful elements.

Given the consequences associated with fire, properties are required to contain safety devices that can detect or extinguish instances of fire. One of the devices that property owners should have is smoke detectors. Smoke detectors are fire-protection devices that can automatically detect and sense the presence of smoke. As fire typically emits smoke, these devices can be effective in notifying property owners about the presence of this element just by generating a warning sound.

Working Principles of Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors work by utilising different methods and sensors.

One of the methods that smoke detectors may maximise is through ionisation. Ionisation is a method wherein the smoke detectors contain an ionisation chamber, which can effectively detect changes over its ionisation process once smoke particulates become present. As the smoke interrupts the ionisation process of the said chamber, the alarm of the smoke detector sets off. 

Another method that smoke detectors may utilise is temperature monitoring. These devices do not rely on monitoring smoke particulates. Instead, they monitor any changes in the surrounding temperature. Once they have sensed a significant increase in temperature, then they will now sound the alarm.

Smoke detectors can likewise utilise photoelectric as their main way of detecting fire. The way these devices work can be similar to those that utilise ionisation, as they would only set off the alarm once smoke interferes with their mechanisms. Smoke detectors that utilise photoelectric maintain a steady beam of light during their operations. Once the smoke interrupts the light, the alarm will be triggered.

Benefits of Installing Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors must be placed on every level of a home and other types of properties. And if they are installed appropriately, they can easily mitigate fire incidents as well as save many lives. The existence of functional smoke detectors can likewise allow people to escape the property if ever the fire cannot be extinguished right away. And even those who are sleeping deeply can be awakened by the sound of the alarm, helping them evade untimely injuries and death.

Installing smoke detectors all over the property can also help in minimising the damages that the fire may cause to structures. Through early detection brought by these devices, firefighters and those who can extinguish the fire can easily respond to the situation and eliminate it as quickly as possible.

All the benefits of smoke detectors can be attained if they will be inspected and maintained regularly. Changing the batteries of some types of smoke detectors is a must so they can work during actual fire incidents. Maintenance schedules must also be followed strictly to determine if they can still work and detect smoke. Cleaning them is likewise essential to avoid triggering false alarms.

To know more about smoke detectors, feel free to call us at Light-On Electrical.