A Quick Guide to Choosing Your Commercial Freezer

27 July 2021

Restaurants and other similar food establishments utilise different storage solutions to keep their products fresh. After all, these storage solutions serve as the heart of their operations. 

One type of storage solution that they utilise is a commercial freezer. It is primarily comprised of components that can freeze food products to effectively preserve their quality and prolong their shelf life prior to their usage or consumption. Compared to a residential freezer, a commercial freezer is designed to have a larger storage capacity and more complex components. It can likewise provide a more stable cooling function as well as more robust construction.

When it comes to choosing your commercial freezer, here are some elements that you should consider.


Two types of commercial freezers that you can choose from are chest freezers and upright freezers. A chest type freezer boasts a small footprint, but it can offer a lot of space when storing bulky food products. A chest freezer likewise contains some bins or dividers so that the organisation of food items can be done effectively. Another type of commercial freezer is the upright freezer. An upright freezer may appear like a regular refrigerator since it contains shelves and door storage for the proper organisation of products. Products can be easily seen with an upright freezer compared to the chest freezer.


The next element to consider when choosing your commercial freezer is its size. You know the number of food products that you will store throughout your operations. With this detail alone, you can easily pinpoint the right size of the freezer that can be great for your business. If you want a more detailed size estimate for your freezer, you may keep in mind that one cubic foot of space is equivalent to storing about 35 pounds of food. But even after finding the right freezer size for your business, you must still consider the available installation area for the freezer so that you can install it without any issues.

Energy Use

Another element to consider when selecting a commercial freezer for your business is its energy use. Many manufacturers have been releasing tons of commercial freezers for a long time now. And with these freezers, many of them are designed to consume energy smartly without generating too many expenses. You must go for a commercial freezer that utilises energy properly and performs effectively. A chest freezer may be great for you if you want to save a lot of energy in your whole operation.


One more element to consider when buying a commercial freezer is its organisation option. A chest freezer might save you tons of energy, but an upright freezer boasts the ability to keep your food products organised and stored well. An upright freezer may even grant you the ability to reach for the food products easier compared to its counterpart. The compartment dividers inside the upright freezer make it more convenient to access for employees.

If you need some help in choosing the best commercial freezer for your establishment, you can contact us right away at Light-On Electrical.

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