When designing a home property, designers and other contractors have to make sure that every aspect of the property design will be accounted for. One aspect of property design that should be considered thoroughly by the professionals is the lighting.

Through a well-lit home property, occupants can expect to obtain a lot of benefits. One great benefit of a well-lit home property is it improves the overall health of the occupants. Rooms and spaces with great lighting can help occupants minimise eye strains and headaches, improve sleep, and enhance their overall energy, mood, and safety. A well-lit home property can likewise make the whole place valuable as it can showcase various focal points of the house. A home property with great lighting can also boost property value, make the whole place inviting, and generate a lively ambience.

To ensure that your property will provide these benefits, here are some tips that you can do when adding some lights to each of your rooms.

Living Room

One of the most flexible rooms in your home is the living room. It is considered to be flexible as it can be utilised in various ways such as cosy movie nights, casual entertainment of guests, playing area, and so on. Given its adaptable purposes, your living room can easily take advantage of track lighting. A track lighting enables your living room to be illuminated with an ambient, task, or accent lighting. It can likewise provide a wide array of lighting schemes, patterns, and other customisation options. Other lighting options that can be maximised in your living room are valance lighting and plug-in floor lamp torchieres.


The kitchen is the heart of your home property. After all, delicious meals are often prepared and served from this area. Since food preparation and other activities are done inside the kitchen, it should boast an appropriate task and ambient lighting. Task lighting, for instance, must be present on the counters, on the island, and over the sink. Undercabinet lights can also be great to ensure that food preparation activities are done properly. Ambient lighting, alternatively, must be placed on a ceiling fixture so the whole kitchen will be illuminated accordingly.


Another room of your home property that must be filled with the right type of lighting is the bathroom. Personal grooming and hygiene are often conducted in this room. Hence, it should be equipped with lights that can help with these activities without causing dangers. When placing some lights inside the bathroom, they must not point down at the mirror to avoid casting unnecessary shadows. For better bathroom appeal, you should integrate some sconces or pendants on each side of the mirrors to balance the lights. Remember that wall-mounted lights in a bathroom will be better than overhead lights.

If you need some help in illuminating your home, you can contact us at Light-On Electrical. We have a well-rounded team of knowledgeable individuals that have extensive experience and technical expertise in their line of work. We deliver quality work on time and within your budget, matched with excellent customer service.

Air conditioning systems have been around for a long time, helping buildings and structures stay cool no matter what the outdoor temperatures are. But since buildings and structures function and are built differently, they would most likely need specific types of air conditioning systems.

One type of air conditioning system that property owners can opt for is ducted refrigerated air conditioning. Ducted refrigerated air conditioning systems are maximised by a lot of property owners due to their efficient working principles and notable associated benefits.

An Overview of Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning

A standard air conditioning system would normally provide cool air through a series of steps. These steps include the thermostat giving off a signal for cooling, the refrigerant absorbing heat from the indoor air, fans blowing back cool air to the property, both refrigerant and fans releasing heat outdoors, and the refrigerant returning to the indoor unit of the air conditioning system.

The ducted refrigerated air conditioning system also maximises these steps in ensuring that the property will gain its needed cool air. However, it maximises extra components to effectively cool other areas of the property in just one operation. 

The outdoor compressor, for instance, is maximised to convert liquid into gas form. The use of copper pipes and consoles, alternatively, is meant to send cool air into various areas of the property. The use of a thermostat can then ensure that fans and other components are controlled effectively. The collected air by the ducted refrigerated air conditioning, ultimately, is filtered and sent to the property again.

Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning’s Key Benefits

A ducted refrigerated air conditioning offers a lot of benefits to property owners like you.

One of the benefits of ducted refrigerated air conditioning is that it can be flexible. Some makes of this system are capable of cooling and heating a property, as opposed to just cooling it. It is likewise flexible since it can be integrated with other functional accessories and energy-efficient systems such as zoning components, metal linear grilles, baby linear, swirl diffuser, and return air grilles.

Another great benefit of ducted refrigerated air conditioning is that it is compact. Unlike other air conditioning systems, this particular air conditioning system has a compact form factor that makes it suitable for any type of property. The separation of indoor and outdoor units likewise makes it easier to install and operate. The ductwork of the system is also sleek and simple.

One more benefit of ducted refrigerated air conditioning is that it is energy efficient. Through the inverter technology, it can easily carry out heating or cooling tasks without wasting too much money and energy. Loss in cold or hot air is also prevented through this type of air conditioning system.

To gain access to ducted refrigerated air conditioning, you can call us at Light-On Electrical. We can accomplish all types of electrical, air conditioning, and refrigeration needs for strata, commercial, industrial, and residential properties.

Commercial buildings support businesses in increasing sales and revenues, boosting market presence, and providing excellent services to clients or customers. And to effectively achieve these goals, these buildings should operate optimally.

One aspect of their operations that must be maintained all the time is electricity. The presence of a stable electrical system ensures that all appliances, devices, and other fittings will run stably. It can likewise make sure that the products or services can be sold or carried out perfectly. Ultimately, it ensures that the entire processes and activities inside the buildings will be done optimally.

The electrical system of your commercial building is vital for your operations. Hence, you must make sure that it will be assessed and maintained all the time.

Electrical Preventative Maintenance is Vital

One type of maintenance that must always be conducted in your electrical system is known as preventative maintenance. This type of maintenance entails the regular assessment of electrical systems, ensuring that they will keep running for a long time. It likewise makes sure that system components will not break down during the operations of your business and cause critical issues to connected appliances, devices, and other fittings.

Key Processes of Preventative Maintenance

Electrical preventative maintenance usually involves various processes to ensure that every component of the electrical system will operate optimally. Some of these processes are as follows:

To find out more about preventative maintenance of electrical systems, you can contact us at Light-On Electrical. We are an electrical contractor and family-owned business with over 15 years of experience serving the Melbourne Metropolitan areas.

Food products are essential to restaurants, bakeries, and others since most of their offerings rely on these items. And for them to be stored properly, they must be placed inside a coolroom or freezer.

Both coolroom and freezer are significant to food-related businesses due to numerous reasons. For one, these cold storage solutions prevent food products from being contaminated with outdoor damaging elements. Coolrooms and freezers can likewise retain and even prolong the shelf life of the food products. They also allow the smooth entry of employees, ensuring that the delivery and acquisition of the products will be convenient and not affect the efficiency of the whole business.

If you want to obtain a reliable walk-in coolroom or freezer for your establishment, then here are some factors that you must consider thoroughly.

  1. Insulation Effectiveness

One of the main factors that you should consider when choosing your next walk-in coolroom or freezer is its insulation effectiveness. You see, the performance of your coolroom or freezer can be affected by the holding temperature, products’ weight and temperature, amount of air filtration, and the surrounding climate. If the doors, walls, and ceiling of your coolroom or freezer are made from materials with a high R-value, then they can easily retain their required temperatures and maintain the quality of products.

Another factor that you must consider when picking your walk-in coolroom or freezer is their energy efficiency. Somehow related to the first point, considering the energy efficiency of the coolroom or freezer can ensure optimum operations without spending too much money on energy bills. Before opting for a walk-in coolroom or freezer, you must ensure that their components have a decent R-value. Components that can prevent the entry of heat can help the coolroom or freezer sustain its cooling operations.

The door of your walk-in coolroom or freezer plays a pivotal part in ensuring that employees can easily acquire and store their needed products. However, this specific part can also generate issues if its overall composition is not compatible with your location. If the location of your business often receives high temperatures, then you may expect your coolroom or freezer door to be steaked by condensation. Going for new types of doors can help you prevent problems that are caused by condensation formation.

One more factor that you should consider when choosing your next walk-in coolroom or freezer is their general installation. A walk-in coolroom or freezer can only work optimally if their stored products do not exceed their maximum storage capacity. They can also work well if they can operate alongside the electrical and plumbing components of your establishment. Ultimately, your walk-in coolroom or freezer can last for a long time if they are installed by professionals.

To acquire a high-quality walk-in coolroom or freezer for your business, you can call us at Light-On Electrical. We are an electrical contractor and family-owned business with over 15 years of experience serving the Melbourne Metropolitan area.

Industrial buildings are buildings intended for manufacturing, storing, and distributing a wide array of products, items, and others. Some industrial buildings may be designed to produce power, while others may be built to store a huge number of raw materials or newly manufactured products.

Whatever their purposes are, industrial buildings are known for generating a lot of power. Hence, they would often require an electrical system that is not only powerful but also safe and reliable. Without a stable power supply, their daily operations may be affected, which could hamper their capability to meet the target revenues of the businesses.

For the installation, maintenance, and other services related to electrical systems, owners of industrial buildings like you must hire a reliable electrical contractor. Here are some of the notable reasons why you must hire a reliable electrical contractor for your industrial building.

Keep Everything Safe

One reason why you should hire a reliable electrical contractor is to keep the whole building and the people inside safe. As previously stated, the electricity supply of your building plays a pivotal part in ensuring that all equipment pieces work. Without hiring a reliable electrical contractor, your electrical components might deteriorate further, which could damage your tools and equipment pieces as well as put you and others at risk of injuries and even death. The same thing can happen if you let your workers fix the electrical components, even if they do not truly have enough experience in repairing them.

Attain Real Solutions

Another reason why a reliable electrical contractor should be hired for your industrial building is to attain real solutions to your electrical system issues or problems. What is great about reputable electrical contractors is that they know how to solve everything. From minor electrical mishaps to major system problems, they can conveniently fix them. Their professional approach to electrical problems stems from the fact that they have acquired all the needed training and experience just to resolve them. They are also given the needed tools and resources just to carry out their jobs perfectly.

Gain Various Services

The knowledge and experience of reliable electrical contractors are another reason why you should hire them. A reliable electrical contractor knows all the services needed for your industrial building. They can effectively assess and conduct all the necessary measures to keep your electrical system safe. They can likewise install new electrical equipment pieces and components, making sure that they work appropriately. And if something happens with their previous works, they will always come back to fix them right away. Any damages that they have caused will be also resolved by them.

Hiring a reliable electrical contractor can help your industrial building to remain safe and functional throughout its operations. If you need a dependable electrical contractor, you can contact us at Light-On Electrical. We have a well-rounded team of knowledgeable individuals that have extensive experience and technical expertise in their line of work. We deliver quality work on time and within your budget, matched with excellent customer service.

A home property will never be complete without an electrical system. With enough power from the said system, various appliances, tools, and equipment pieces can be operated effectively.

But before an electrical system can provide the needed power for the previously stated things, it must be inspected and maintained regularly first. You see, an electrical system possesses wiring and fittings that allow them to transfer the needed electricity for the property. If your home has been around for decades, there is a possibility that some of your electrical system components have deteriorated. They may have even exceeded their maximum service life, making them ineffective in sustaining a stable power supply.

One great solution in maintaining the efficiency and safety of your electrical system is rewiring. Through rewiring from professional electricians, you can effectively gain the following benefits.

Guaranteed Safety

One great benefit of rewiring your existing electrical system is that it can guarantee the safety of your home. Some wires of your system may have already lost their coating. Without doing anything, they might generate shock, yield power fluctuations, and expose appliances to danger. In extreme cases, they might overload, which can then cause huge fires. Rewiring your home electrical system can prevent these things from happening and ultimately promote the safety of your home.

Improved Security

Rewiring involves the replacement of cables, circuits, wiring, and mounting boxes as well as the installation of electrical system fixtures. Since some components of your electrical system will be replaced during the rewiring process, you are assured to obtain a property with a highly capable power supply. This specific service from professional technicians can be good for you if your electrical system already contains wires with brittle plastic insulation or deteriorated coatings.

Increased Power

Normally, decade-old wires and other electrical system components can only handle appliances that were produced back then. Utilising the same components in handling modern-day appliances could only lead to their failure. With the increasing power requirement of modern appliances, devices, and other similar things, having your old electrical system rewired could prevent them from overloading and causing fires. Rewiring your old electrical system can likewise provide you with a significant increase in electrical power.

Minimised Costs

The activities involved in rewiring can grant you an electrical system that ensures property safety and supplies enough power to your appliances and devices. Additionally, utilising modern electrical system components can minimise the chances of getting into accidents caused by short circuits, arc faults, and others, which can then save you from unnecessary repairs and maintenance. Opting for rewiring services can also grant you cheaper insurance rates as opposed to utilising your old electrical system.

If you want to have your old electrical system rewired by experts, then feel free to call us at Light-On Electrical. We have a well-rounded team of knowledgeable individuals that have extensive experience and technical expertise in their line of work. We deliver quality work on time and within your budget, matched with excellent customer service.

Tons of appliances and devices are maximised by property owners to ensure that their respective spaces will be comfortable for the people. One of the appliances that they often acquire is the air conditioner.

An air conditioner is an appliance that can provide cold air to rooms and spaces of a property. It can work alongside other appliances that are part of the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. It can likewise be regulated by special tools, ensuring that it consumes energy efficiently. Through an air conditioner, people inside the property can feel more comfortable doing their daily activities. The same people can likewise obtain better mood, improved sleep, and other health benefits.

Since the cooling requirements of various properties may vary, manufacturers have come up with a wide array of air conditioner options. One option of this appliance that you can utilise is a split system air conditioner. With a split system air conditioner, you can expect to gain the following advantages.

Enormous Savings

One of the most notable advantages of the split air conditioner is that it can provide huge savings, especially in terms of energy consumption and expenses. Most central air conditioners lose around 30% of energy due to the presence of leaky ducts. Additionally, they also consume a lot more energy once their ductwork is not insulated properly. With a split air conditioner, it can easily save a huge percentage of money and energy as it does not primarily rely on ducts and other related components.

Silent Operations

Air conditioners are comprised of moving components. And as they work for long hours, these components will emit a sound that can truly become audible in a silent room. Opting for a split air conditioner, however, can be great for property owners like you since it operates inaudibly. While the sound of this type of air conditioner is not completely silent, the slim profile of the split air conditioner allows it to be placed in an area where its sound will not be noticed.

Zoning Capability

As previously stated, an air conditioner can be fitted with special tools to optimise its operations. One tool that can be integrated with a split air conditioner is a thermostat. A thermostat normally regulates the temperature of the air conditioner in a specific area. A split air conditioner can effectively cool various areas of your property by splitting them into zones. Each zone that is cooled by the split air conditioner will obtain its own thermostat, giving you control over the areas that need to be cooled.

Ease of Installation

One more advantage of the split air conditioner is that it is easy to install. Compared to other types of air conditioners, a split air conditioner can easily be installed since it does not require additional ductwork. The only thing that is needed with this type of air conditioner is to ensure the proper placement of its indoor and outdoor units. Of course, for both units to work, they must gain access to electricity and must be mounted in locations that are suitable for their operations.

To acquire a split air conditioner on your property, feel free to call us at Light-On Electrical.

Most home properties are filled with elements that would make them feel more comfortable and more appealing. These elements are likewise included to ensure that the rooms and spaces on these properties will be functional and valuable.

One of the basic elements of home properties is lighting. Lighting parts and components are intended to illuminate key areas of the properties, especially at night. They can likewise brighten up the spaces whenever the sun is not shining. And as places are lit up, occupants can easily perform their daily activities without bumping, falling, or tripping to nearby objects.

Aside from their core function of brightening up the spaces, lighting can also make sure that the properties will be much more appealing. It can also help in maintaining the health of the occupants.

Proper Bedroom Lighting is Necessary

One part of home properties that require proper lighting is the bedroom.

If you want to improve the appearance and functionality of your bedrooms, then you have to consider their lighting. You see, bedrooms are primarily intended to let people sleep comfortably at night or whenever they want to. With a bedroom that has proper lighting as well as other aspects, it can easily let one’s sleep cycle proceed without serious interruptions and issues. A bedroom that has bad lighting, alternatively, can easily complicate and disrupt the body’s circadian rhythm.

The circadian rhythm pertains to the process that regulates the sleep-wake cycle. With a combination of bad lighting, noisy surroundings, and others, your sleep cycle can be quickly disrupted, which can then affect your overall mood, functions, and other body elements for a day. A bedroom has bad lighting if it gives off bright blue-white light since this type of lighting makes people feel alert. Lighting fittings that mimic natural light are also not great for a bedroom since they can throw off one’s internal sleep clock.

Tips to Improve Your Bedroom Lighting

To ensure that your bedroom can enhance the sleep quality of your family, then here are some tips that you need to do.

Of course, once you feel drowsy and sleepy, you now have the option to turn off the lights completely so that you can sleep comfortably. To obtain high-quality lighting fittings on your bedroom and other parts of your home, you can call us at Light-On Electrical.

Foodservice businesses can maximise various types of storage options in storing their needed food products. One of the storage options that they can go for is the coolroom.

A coolroom is typically maximised by many foodservice businesses due to its benefits. For one, it can effectively store many food products in various spaces through suitable shelving systems. Additionally, a coolroom can regulate and maintain the temperatures of its space, ensuring that the food products will not get spoiled before their intended consumption or use. A coolroom is also beneficial to many businesses since it allows employees to load and unload products very quickly.

While many coolrooms can be installed in commercial establishments, others can be transported anywhere. If you are considering a transportable coolroom for your business operations, then here are some reasons why you should go for it.

Guarantee Convenience

Opting for a transportable coolroom can be great for you since it can provide substantial convenience to your business. Whenever you need to conduct some cooking or selling activities in different places or events, you can now go alongside your transportable coolroom. With its accompanying convenience, you can ensure that your products will stay cold until they are taken out of the coolroom. The only things that you will ever need for your coolroom to run is a vehicle and a stable power source.

Save Tons of Resources

Another benefit of maximising a transportable coolroom is that it can save you a lot of resources. When installing a fixed coolroom, you have to find a suitable space first. Additionally, it would require you to add some more fans and air cooling systems to ensure that it can run optimally. It even needs regular maintenance, which can add more expenses to your business. Opting for a transportable coolroom, alternatively, eliminates most of these needs since it can already operate optimally on its own.

Add More Storage Area

Speaking of a suitable space, going for a transportable coolroom can give you some more space for storage. If your establishment already has a fixed coolroom, you may expect that it is already enough to cater to your business operations. However, there might be some instances when you do not have adequate space for storing your food products. Obtaining a transportable coolroom, fortunately, can give you more storage area, which you can also use anytime you need and want.

Regulate System Operation

One more benefit of a transportable coolroom is that it allows you to regulate system operations effectively. With a transportable coolroom, you can adjust its temperature easily through modern types of controls. Once adjusted, you can expect it to provide a consistent temperature throughout its operations, preventing your food products from getting spoiled or damaged. The coolroom’s easy regulation of the temperature keeps your business operations stable, even if you are away from your establishment. To gain access to a quality transportable coolroom, you can contact us at Light-On Electrical.

Electrical systems are significant to properties due to their associated functions. Utilising conductors and other electrical components, these systems can carry, distribute, and convert electrical power to various things that need electrical energy. Some of these things are machines, appliances, and utility fittings.

And for these systems to remain functional and safe, they must feature different components that can cut off the electricity whenever necessary. Circuit breakers, fuses, electrocution protection, and arc fault protection are only some of the safety components that can prevent electrical system issues from coming up. With these components, damages on properties and injuries are expected to be minimised.

Understanding the Dangers of Electrical Faults

Despite the presence of these electrical safety components, electrical faults can still be present in the power systems. Electrical faults are abnormalities on the electric current that often disrupt the normal flow of the power supply. The generation of faults can diminish the insulation strength between the earth and phase conductors, leading to different hazardous effects.

Electrical faults can be generated due to various reasons. For one, weather conditions such as lightning strikes, heavy rains, and strong winds can all interrupt the electrical systems, generating electrical faults on the systems. Machine and equipment failures due to faulty components and aging can likewise cause electrical faults. Ultimately, electrical faults can be caused by improper installation of machines and electrical systems as well as failure to inspect and maintain the system components regularly.

If ever electrical faults are not determined right away, they can generate dangerous effects on properties. The presence of electrical faults may trip the relays, damage the insulation of power systems, and ruin various machines. Electrical faults can likewise shock or even kill people. Moreover, electrical faults can cause electrical fires, generating costly property damages.

The Value of Fault Finding in Electrical Systems

Given the dangers of electrical faults, property owners like you should hire professionals to conduct fault finding activities. Fault finding basically entails the testing of electrical equipment pieces to determine if they are still safe for use. It can likewise help in verifying the main source of circuit problems.

Fault finding can be done through numerous ways of continuity tests. One of these ways is dead continuity testing, which requires the property owner or technician to switch off the power to mitigate shock risks. A multimeter is typically used to check if the electrical path of the system is complete. Once the device emits a beep sound, then a system has a complete electrical path. If it does emit the same sound, then the path of the electricity is broken.

Fault finding in electrical systems can be done by the property owners themselves. However, the risks of doing this testing can be dangerous. For best and accurate results, property owners like you are advised to hire professionals in conducting fault finding activities. These professionals, after all, have all the tools needed to not only check the electrical systems but also resolve any issues.

For more information about fault finding, feel free to call us at Light-On Electrical.