Having a stable current flow of electricity at your home is essential so that every appliances and equipment will work. Moreover, continuous electricity flow can help with the longevity of your home tools and products. If you are experiencing some weird and unusual electrical problems, then something might be wrong with your overall electrical system.

Normally, a home that is connected to a good electrical system will not encounter any problems throughout their stay. However, some electrical issues will still show up despite regular maintenance and repairs. If you want to confirm the existence of electrical problems at your home, then you might want to check these signs first before hiring some professionals. 

Flickering Lights

In some instances, flickering lights are caused by lights that have already reached their maximum life capacity. The only way to fix this is to replace them with a new one. Another cause of flickering lights is power surges. Power surges occur whenever there are a lot of appliances that share one electrical system. This system, unfortunately, cannot meet the demand of your power consumption. This problem calls for an upgrade of your current home’s electrical system.

Sparkling Components

Sparks that are visible and coming from an outlet, panels, and fuse boxes must be solved right away. They can spark some dangerous issues and problems on your electrical system. This sparkling action can even contribute to serious dangers like fire and electrocution. If you have confirmed that these fixtures are indeed sparkling, then you must get your wiring fixed and repaired. 

Hot Outlets

There are some instances where we want to charge our phones after a long time of use. But as you accidentally touch the outlet, you felt that is it already hot. You don’t even have any device that is plugged in. The rising temperature of your outlet or switch plate, even without plugging anything, may be caused by improper wiring. As a quick remedy, you must flip the breaker or remove the fuse of the outlet and call a technician right away.

Circuit Breaker Issues

Circuit breakers are meant to shut off the electrical system when some parts of it become overheated. This functionality helps prevent any fire hazards. A simple overload may trigger circuit breakers occasionally. However, if the shutting down process is becoming repetitive without any indication of overheating issues, then there might be a problem with your circuit breaker. The tripping of your circuit may indicate that you have an overloaded circuit, ground fault, or a short circuit. If you have these signs, you must quickly call for a professional right away. Repairing your electrical system will help you avoid any accidents and fire hazards that can ultimately destroy your home. Fortunately, we at Light-On Electrical can help you solve your electrical system issues.

Electricity is important to power up equipment, appliances, devices, and other related things around your business. Modern security systems also rely on electricity to keep them functional and running. To have your power stable, you have to hire a professional company so that they can organise and install the necessary electrical system for your business. After all, your electrical systems must be stable and safe.

If you will be hiring a professional electrical service provider, you must know these following essential commercial electrical services so that you’ll have a good grasp of the things that may happen on your electrical system.


Perhaps the most important part of any type of service is the diagnosis. Before jumping into any conclusion, services that entail repair and maintenance must do an assessment first on the condition of a utility or a product. With electricity, companies would like to know first if there are any malfunctions or damages on the whole electrical system. All of the subsequent steps will have to rely on this part first since solutions won’t come out without any diagnosis.


All types of businesses must have a stable flow of electricity whatever the time and day it is. The stability of electricity will help your business produce products and services without any interruptions. If some electrical problems are now becoming prevalent, then repairs must be done right away. Some parts that may need some repairs include overloaded systems, old wirings, tripped circuits, faulty electrical outlets and connections, and many more.


Now, if you are planning on expanding your business facilities, then it may require you to draw more power. Commercial electrical services allow you to install additional electrical components so that your electricity will be sufficient once your planned expansion is done. Moreover, professionals can also easily install additional electrical components such as custom lights and others on your building.


Upgrade services may intertwine with installation services. However, most upgrades that are done by businesses are mostly related to them being sustainable in the long run. So, if you want to have a business that can easily save a lot of money in the long run, then you must upgrade some of your electrical components. Not only you can save money and energy consumption, but you also get to protect the environment from any emission of hazardous elements. 


The repairs, installation, and upgrade of your electrical system will all be for naught if you don’t have it maintained afterwards. Most equipment and accessories found on this system must be maintained so that they will last for a long time. Luckily, professionals know how to maintain these components. In fact, some of them can quickly distinguish components that are on the edge of being damaged. Their quick assessment often saves you a lot of money since they can quickly remove or fix that one faulty component before it spreads more damage to your electrical system. Your business will be successful if you pay attention to your own needs first. Electricity is one of the things that you have full control with, so giving it a professional touch must be done all the time. To know more about commercial electrical services, then give us a call at Light-On Electrical. We have knowledgeable individuals who can give you meaningful insights and suggestions for your business’s electrical system and other related services.