Your electrical wirings and components at home or any other properties are necessary to power all available appliances and equipment. These cabled lines help you finish tasks at hand in just a couple of minutes. As convenient as they seem, these lines can also pose a danger to anyone living or occupying a property if they are left unchecked.

An electrical inspection is a must to ensure that all electric-related materials are all intact and will not risk the lives of the people who are using the property. Technicians conduct an inspection to determine any electrical hazards, check the status of the wires, test safety switches and power box, evaluate power points, and lighting and scan electrical items.

There are various situations where you need to call a trusted electric technician for the assessment of your electrical wirings. Some of these situations are as follow:

Before Buying a Property

If you have selected a number of properties that you want to buy, then calling for an electrical inspection to all of them may guarantee you two things. One, this inspection can help you identify any electrical situations that are dangerous to the whole property. Second, faulty electrical wirings and components that are identified by the inspection can be a valid reason for you to ask for a lower price. With electrical inspections, you can expect that your property will be free from any catastrophic accidents caused by unchecked wirings, outlets, alarms, and others. Keep in mind that electrical inspections for properties before purchase are more thorough than the regular ones.

Owns an Old Property

Even with regular inspection, properties that are over 25 years old may still possess faulty or old electrical wirings. A regular inspection only assesses certain parts of the property that can cause a decrease in the property value. Electrical inspection, on the other hand, is only made upon the request of an owner. With the advances in technology, some appliances and equipment have modern specifications that are not suitable for your home. Plugging in modern appliances and equipment can even cause frequent power outages. So, if you suspect that your property has old wirings or overloaded circuits, then you must request a thorough electrical inspection right away.

After a Major Storm

Power outages and surges are common to properties during a storm. However, if you still experience power outages and surges after a storm, there is a high chance that your electrical wirings are damaged. Flood in your property, as well as lightning bolts, can fry your electrical wirings and components. If you suspect any electrical wiring failures, you can hire professional electricians who can assess everything about your electrical components. They can even assist in installing and repairing all parts that are damaged by the storm.

After Buying a Property

As previously mentioned, electrical inspections entail a thorough process of checking electrical wirings and components all over a property. It is considered good practice if a property owner will be conducting regular electrical inspection since this could result in a more valuable property and happier occupants. Regular electrical inspections can also help you determine the dos and don’ts of your new appliances and equipment. Inspections may take some amount of money, but this can help you assess the overall status of your electrical wirings on your property. To know more about this kind of inspection, you can contact us at Light-On Electrical. We cater to everyone who needs electrical works on their homes, commercial, and industrial buildings.

Businesses engaged in food services, food processing, retail, and agriculture usually store large stock of fresh and raw food for a long time. They perform the process of food preservation by building a walk-in coolroom or installing freezers to keep the food safe for later consumption.

Aside from food businesses, biomedical and pharmaceutical companies also maximize the use of coolrooms and freezers to store chemicals. This is necessary since some chemicals will only work at a certain temperature.

Walk-in coolroom and freezers may perform similarly to the freezers found at home. They can both keep the food and chemicals chilled and frozen so that they won’t spoil or expire easily. The only difference between the commercial or industrial to the residential ones is the added functionality that can only be found on the latter.

There are two design options for walk-in coolrooms and freezers that have their own set of benefits to the right type of businesses.


Businesses that have a lot of space available may choose a permanent walk-in coolroom and freezer. If you are dealing with a huge inventory of products every day, then this option can be beneficial for you since you can store a lot of products ready to be used at any time. Permanent storage options can also enhance the productivity and efficiency of your employees since they can access them easily.

A permanent storage option can also increase your storage space. When the demand for your product rises, especially during holidays, you are guaranteed to have the luxury of just stocking up and increase your supply without the need for compromising the number of your products.


On the other hand, if you want to maintain the coldness of your goods even outside the business premises, you may want to consider the transportable coolrooms and freezers. Businesses that are engaged with the delivery of food and other products must always deal with the temperature changes since some products can lose freshness the moment their temperature changes.

Transportable options for coolrooms and freezers are also effective when looking for a storage option in a challenging environment. If your place is already crowded with things, a transportable freezer can already perform the needed refrigeration of your products at the expense of a small space.

Lucky for you, Light-On Electrical provide installation services for your walk-in coolroom and freezer needs. We can design and construct your coolroom or freezers depending on your preference, desired specifications, and other information necessary. Moreover, both our permanent and transportable options contain accurate temperature control mechanisms to maintain the optimal temperature at all times. All of our designs comply with local regulations and are guaranteed to preserve electricity as efficiently as possible. To learn more about walk-in coolroom and freezers, you may contact us, Light-On Electrical, for a more in-depth walkthrough about them. With over 15 years of experience, we have provided quality work and excellent client satisfaction when it comes to the installation of walk-in coolrooms and freezers. If you are planning to have your coolrooms or freezers, Light-On Electrical can send you an accurate quote so you have a better grasp of the expenses and expectations before proceeding.