Electricity is perhaps one of the most important utilities for a business to operate and run smoothly. Without electricity, your business won’t have any supply of power to make your equipment, pieces of machinery, and tools to work. The abundance of electricity, however, is not enough for a business to be successful. Your electricity and other utility lines must be maintained accordingly to ensure stable business operations.

Having a stable business operation requires a supply of power that is also stable. Through the wisdom of the best electrical contractors in town, they will help you design and locate the power lines on which the optimal electricity is reached for your business. If you are searching for the electrical contractor for your business, then consider these things to find the best among them.

Ask for any Recommendations

Since you are into business, there is a possibility that you have already known numerous people who are also engaged in business. Some of the members of your family and friends may have also worked with some electric contractors in town. Gather some information and feedback about electrical contractors from them. Ask them the working ethics and authenticity of their electrical contractors during the project. Moreover, you can also consult with the local hardware and electrical supply stores since electrical contractors usually go to their places.

Confirm and Verify their Background

Hiring the lowest bidder among the electrical contractors may work for some projects. However, if you feel that you still need to consider others, then you must trust yourself on this. As verification, ask for some licensing and insurance to make sure that they are working in compliance with the law. The license for a contractor to operate must also be present when asked. They may present numerous licenses since contractors are usually grouped into different functions. 

Working with a contractor that has minimum licenses and insurances can be a problem in the long run, since some contractors tend to just leave the project and abandon you without any notice and resolution. 

Assess Credentials and Training

In the process of electrical contractor evaluation, you are required to assess the experience and capability of their members who are involved in their previous works and projects. As for your sake, you may want to ask how the electrical contractors do their previous works and jobs. You must ask them the maximum capacity or size of the jobs that they can cover and do. By asking this question, you are ensured that you are hiring a contractor with sufficient experience and experience in electrical matters. You’ll also know if the contractor is financially stable or not.

Check Reviews, References, and Experience

From background checks to credentials, one of the most vital steps in examining prospect electrical contractors is to ask for reviews and references from the people and firms that they have worked on. Since you have asked for recommendations from your family, friends, and acquaintances, it is best for you to take a look at what the electrical contractors have done with their places. You can also ask and call their past clients so that you’ll know which of them is telling the truth about their services and working guidelines. 

Aside from past clients, you may also want to check their online website and look for reviews. You can look up for their online portfolios, customer testimonials, and other information that are scattered on the internet. But if you want an electrical contractor with strong experience, then ask them if they have experience in commercial buildings. Commercial buildings are difficult to work with, so having an experience with them is the pinnacle out of all factors.

You must hire the best electrical contractor in your town since your business mainly depends on the power of electricity. Without electricity, your business might not produce any revenue for a long time. If you want an experienced electrical contractor, then contact us now at Light-On Electrical. We have the licenses and certifications required to conduct electrical services all over your business building.

Stock coolrooms and freezers perform well with certain conditions. However, most businesses vary on how the rooms are located and maintained. The functionality and environment of the room itself are also different from one company to another. To effectively regulate the temperature of the products, you should have your coolrooms and freezers customized according to your needs.

We initially designed our coolrooms based on how we thought that can be effective for us. But as our business expands, we sometimes fail to see the need to cater to more products and other varying conditions. By customizing it, we can maximize the temperature regulating powers of the entire room, as well as the customized freezers. Aside from this benefit, here are some more benefits of customized coolrooms and freezers for business owners like you.

Waste is Minimized

Since our rooms are made different from others, then we have a certain set of dimensions and qualities that can be readily sent out to the service provider. We will be maximizing all spaces of our room and minimizing the waste. A refrigeration unit, or units if your room is huge enough, will cool the products and commodities as exactly as it should be. With your service provider, they can also set the partitions to fully maximize the cooling potential of your new coolrooms and freezers. Moreover, you now have the time to think about your plans and suggest a design plan that will prepare your room for future expansions. 

Airflow is Maximised

While we keep the wasted space to the minimum, the customization of the coolroom and its freezers affect the airflow of the whole room. Aside from temperature, the airflow of a customized coolroom can reach all corners of the room thanks to the formation of shelves and other storage boxes. In a normal coolroom, storages and shelves may be seen stacked to one another without considering the spacing and other factors. A customized coolroom, however, is built out of planning so that the airflow and temperature are regulated the way that can yield the highest production and income rate possible. To remove obstructive surfaces from the storage environment, an epoxy coating is applied to the wire mesh shelves. This coating will protect the metal frame of the shelves while giving space to the circulation of frosty currents from the refrigerating unit.

Assembly is Specified

Like mentioned earlier, customized coolrooms and freezers are assembled based on the liking and preferences of the business owner. They are also customized according to the nature of the business and your initial layout. Take a beverage storage enclosure as an example. Customers have the option to use multiple glass doorways to pick up their preferred beverages. The employees, on the other hand, are working on the back of these doorways behind the racks. The employees have access to the coolrooms through a concealed door. Freezers do the same thing but use thick entryways, spring-loaded clasps, and composite wall panels to lock the arctic chill. Moreover, there are tons of backup if ever one unit fails on your customized coolroom. This contingency plan is a must to avoid any hiccups during the business operating hours. 

Income is Guaranteed

With customized coolrooms, your business can expect huge sales in the next few weeks. Your items that need to be precooled are now cooled for a certain amount of time before they are stored on their designated places. Moreover, the health and safety of your food are prioritized with customized coolrooms. At a given temperature, some food products must be regulated before serving them to customers.  Having customized coolrooms and freezers can certainly benefit your business in many ways. From your income to maintenance, your coolrooms and freezers will help your business bloom. If you want to know more about customized coolrooms and freezers, just contact us at Light-On Electrical.

Your electrical wirings and components at home or any other properties are necessary to power all available appliances and equipment. These cabled lines help you finish tasks at hand in just a couple of minutes. As convenient as they seem, these lines can also pose a danger to anyone living or occupying a property if they are left unchecked.

An electrical inspection is a must to ensure that all electric-related materials are all intact and will not risk the lives of the people who are using the property. Technicians conduct an inspection to determine any electrical hazards, check the status of the wires, test safety switches and power box, evaluate power points, and lighting and scan electrical items.

There are various situations where you need to call a trusted electric technician for the assessment of your electrical wirings. Some of these situations are as follow:

Before Buying a Property

If you have selected a number of properties that you want to buy, then calling for an electrical inspection to all of them may guarantee you two things. One, this inspection can help you identify any electrical situations that are dangerous to the whole property. Second, faulty electrical wirings and components that are identified by the inspection can be a valid reason for you to ask for a lower price. With electrical inspections, you can expect that your property will be free from any catastrophic accidents caused by unchecked wirings, outlets, alarms, and others. Keep in mind that electrical inspections for properties before purchase are more thorough than the regular ones.

Owns an Old Property

Even with regular inspection, properties that are over 25 years old may still possess faulty or old electrical wirings. A regular inspection only assesses certain parts of the property that can cause a decrease in the property value. Electrical inspection, on the other hand, is only made upon the request of an owner. With the advances in technology, some appliances and equipment have modern specifications that are not suitable for your home. Plugging in modern appliances and equipment can even cause frequent power outages. So, if you suspect that your property has old wirings or overloaded circuits, then you must request a thorough electrical inspection right away.

After a Major Storm

Power outages and surges are common to properties during a storm. However, if you still experience power outages and surges after a storm, there is a high chance that your electrical wirings are damaged. Flood in your property, as well as lightning bolts, can fry your electrical wirings and components. If you suspect any electrical wiring failures, you can hire professional electricians who can assess everything about your electrical components. They can even assist in installing and repairing all parts that are damaged by the storm.

After Buying a Property

As previously mentioned, electrical inspections entail a thorough process of checking electrical wirings and components all over a property. It is considered good practice if a property owner will be conducting regular electrical inspection since this could result in a more valuable property and happier occupants. Regular electrical inspections can also help you determine the dos and don’ts of your new appliances and equipment. Inspections may take some amount of money, but this can help you assess the overall status of your electrical wirings on your property. To know more about this kind of inspection, you can contact us at Light-On Electrical. We cater to everyone who needs electrical works on their homes, commercial, and industrial buildings.

Businesses engaged in food services, food processing, retail, and agriculture usually store large stock of fresh and raw food for a long time. They perform the process of food preservation by building a walk-in coolroom or installing freezers to keep the food safe for later consumption.

Aside from food businesses, biomedical and pharmaceutical companies also maximize the use of coolrooms and freezers to store chemicals. This is necessary since some chemicals will only work at a certain temperature.

Walk-in coolroom and freezers may perform similarly to the freezers found at home. They can both keep the food and chemicals chilled and frozen so that they won’t spoil or expire easily. The only difference between the commercial or industrial to the residential ones is the added functionality that can only be found on the latter.

There are two design options for walk-in coolrooms and freezers that have their own set of benefits to the right type of businesses.


Businesses that have a lot of space available may choose a permanent walk-in coolroom and freezer. If you are dealing with a huge inventory of products every day, then this option can be beneficial for you since you can store a lot of products ready to be used at any time. Permanent storage options can also enhance the productivity and efficiency of your employees since they can access them easily.

A permanent storage option can also increase your storage space. When the demand for your product rises, especially during holidays, you are guaranteed to have the luxury of just stocking up and increase your supply without the need for compromising the number of your products.


On the other hand, if you want to maintain the coldness of your goods even outside the business premises, you may want to consider the transportable coolrooms and freezers. Businesses that are engaged with the delivery of food and other products must always deal with the temperature changes since some products can lose freshness the moment their temperature changes.

Transportable options for coolrooms and freezers are also effective when looking for a storage option in a challenging environment. If your place is already crowded with things, a transportable freezer can already perform the needed refrigeration of your products at the expense of a small space.

Lucky for you, Light-On Electrical provide installation services for your walk-in coolroom and freezer needs. We can design and construct your coolroom or freezers depending on your preference, desired specifications, and other information necessary. Moreover, both our permanent and transportable options contain accurate temperature control mechanisms to maintain the optimal temperature at all times. All of our designs comply with local regulations and are guaranteed to preserve electricity as efficiently as possible. To learn more about walk-in coolroom and freezers, you may contact us, Light-On Electrical, for a more in-depth walkthrough about them. With over 15 years of experience, we have provided quality work and excellent client satisfaction when it comes to the installation of walk-in coolrooms and freezers. If you are planning to have your coolrooms or freezers, Light-On Electrical can send you an accurate quote so you have a better grasp of the expenses and expectations before proceeding.

Choosing the right air conditioning system for climatising areas in your home or commercial building can be a complicated decision to make. The easiest solution is installing a split air condition system since it does not require extensive ductwork or complex indoor equipment as with the traditional ducted HVAC systems. There are two main parts to this system. One part is the outdoor unit that contains the condenser and compressor, and the other part is the indoor unit that is called the air handler. These two main parts are connected together by a set of lines that consists of the power cable, refrigerant tube and the drain tube. In the following, we offer the many benefits of using this type of system to cool areas of your business or home to further educate you on this topic.

Easy Installation Process

Installation is relatively easy with split air conditioning or AC systems. The outdoor unit is set outside of the structure close to where the indoor unit will be placed. Only one opening is required in the wall of the house or building to run the line from the outdoor unit to the indoor one when you have a single split air conditioning system. If you choose to have a multi-split AC system, other holes will be needed to run the set of lines to each indoor unit.

Energy-Efficient Operation

Split air conditioning systems are extremely energy-efficient to operate since there is no loss of energy through the ducts as with ducted AC systems. As a result, this system also is cost-effective to use to climatise areas of your house or business.

Less Expensive That a Ducted HVAC System

Another benefit of the split air conditioning systems is that they are less expensive to purchase in comparison to ducted HVAC systems are due to the fact that the parts are not as large or complex. When you have limited funds to work with to fulfil your AC needs, choose a split AC system to bring the project to completion within your budget.

Individual Zone Controls for Each Area

Whether you install a split air conditioning or a multi-split AC system to climatise certain areas of your commercial building or house, you will gain the ability to control each zone individually. Even when you are using just one split AC system with another type of AC system, this remains true.

For further information about the benefits of climatising your business or home with a split air conditioning system, consult with Light-On Electrical. Our experts will come install this type of system at your location in a highly functional, durable way.

When you need to climatise more than just one area but have limited outdoor space for a condenser, it is important to select the right type of air conditioning or AC setup. A traditional ducted system comes with a large condensing unit that can engulf quite a bit of space on one side of your yard. Also, this type of system consumes more space in the interior of your structure. Instead of choosing this type of system to solve your cooling needs for two or more areas when you have a small outdoor space, choose a multi-head split system air conditioner for all the following reasons and benefits.

Multi-Head Split System Air Conditioning Setups Come With a Compact Condenser Unit

The condenser unit that comes with this type of air condition setup requires a fraction of the outdoor space in comparison to a ducted one. You preserve more of this space for enjoyable purposes such as gardening or a lawn.

No Ductwork Is Necessary for the Multi-Head Split System Air Conditioners

Along with saving space outdoors, you also save indoor space since these setups do not require ductwork. All they need is the refrigerant piping to come in the house from the condenser to connect to the indoor unit. It only needs a small hole in the wall for it to accomplish this. Also, the indoor unit installs on the wall without taking up a lot of room.

Split System Multi-Head AC Setups Are Easy to Install

Installation takes far less time with this type of air conditioning setup since it is not as invasive as a ducted system is in a house. In a matter of hours, you will be cooling your multiple indoor areas while conserving your outdoor space.

You Will Save Money Installing One of These Setups

Due to the fact that the parts are not as expensive as the ones for a ducted system is and that the installation is easier and less time consuming, you will save money by choosing a multi-head split system AC setup for your structure that is on a small section of land.

Turn to Light-On Electrical to learn additional information about why multi-head split system air conditioners are ideal for structures with limited outdoor space. Along with electrical and refrigeration services, we specialise in split system, multi-head split system and ducted refrigerated air conditioning. Our company also offers specials periodically on any of our services. Schedule a consultation soon to receive an in-depth, accurate quote of your needs.

The holiday season here in Australia is full of all sorts of festivities from community parties to family gatherings. Part of these celebrations are light-filled trees, illuminated decorations and other electrically powered enhancements. Sadly, another part of these festivities are malfunctions and even fires due to unsafe electrical practices. To prevent you from dealing with these issues, we provide you with the following early reminder on electrical safety guidelines during the holiday season.

1. Purchase only lights that contain low-wattage bulbs. Also, they need to be UL safety approved, and here in Australia that means that you need to look for the label that states, “UL Certified SAFETY AU E12345”. On top of this, LED lights are the most energy-efficient as well as long-lasting.

2. Always test your lights before using them to be certain that they do not start to melt or smoke when plugged in for at least 15 minutes.

3. Inspect old lights to locate any cracked sockets, broken bulbs, frayed wires, inadequate insulation or loose connections.

4. Never overload extension cords, circuits and outlets since this can cause shorts and even fires.

5. Adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions as far as how many light strings are safe to connect together for a tree or a structure. Most of the time these instructions state that no more than three strings should be connected in a continuous light line. A fuse may blow and possibly cause a fire if you ignore the warnings.

6. Use insulated clips rather than staples, tacks or nails to hang lights on a home or other structure. The latter three fastening methods can fray the wires of the lights.

7. Never use indoor lights for outdoor uses since they are not rated to stand up to weather, such as rain.

8. Outdoor lights burn hotter than indoor lights and for this reason, you should not use them on your indoor tree.

9. When you change the light bulbs or adjust the strings of light, unplug them to eliminate the risk of shock.

10. If you choose to use an artificial Christmas tree, make sure that it is flame-resistant.

11. Water a real tree daily to prevent it from drying out. It is at risk of catching on fire from the lights when it becomes too dry.

12. Always turn off your holiday lights when you are away from your home or other structure and when you are asleep.

For further information about this early reminder on electrical safety guidelines during the holiday season, turn to Light-On Electrical. Our company specialise in a vast array of quality electrical, air conditioning and electrical services for residential, commercial, strata and industrial properties.

Smoke detectors are mandatory for all residential and commercial buildings across Australia. While certain local authorities may make additional stipulations, all detector installations must comply with Australian Standards. When you fail to adhere to these standards, your buildings will not be safe for use, regardless of their purpose.

A Brief Explanation of the Requirements for Smoke Detectors in Residential Structures

Smoke detectors need to be installed near or on the ceiling of every storey of a residential building. Location of their installations must be ideal for not only alerting awake occupants, but also those who are sleeping. The National Construction Code or NCC classifies residential structures in the following manner:

• Class 1a includes row houses, detached homes, townhouses, villa units and terrace houses

• Class 1b includes guest houses, certain boarding houses and hostels

• Class 2 is for the sole-occupancy units, such as blocks of flats and apartments.

• Class 3 includes residential sections of motels and hotels, backpacker lodging establishments, residential areas of educational facilities and accommodations for children, the disabled or the elderly.

• Class 4 covers the dwellings attached to shops and other non-residential buildings.

The smoke detectors need to comply with the Australian Standard AS 3786. Most of the models sold today should, but it is up to you to be certain of this fact. Also, they need to be hardwired into the electrical mains of the residential buildings along with containing a battery backup for when the power fails if the structures have been built since August 1, 1997. Residential buildings built prior to this day need to comply with the earlier Australian Standard of AS 3786 – 1993. This regulation states that the smoke detectors need to be in the correct locations with battery backups but hardwired versions are not mandatory.

Information about the Regulations for Smoke Detectors in Commercial Buildings

Regulations for smoke detectors in commercial structures are a bit more complicated to explain. However, these detectors need to be part of the essential safety measures set forth by the Victorian Building Act of 1993 along with the 2006 Building Regulations. If the commercial building was built prior to July 1, 1994, the owners need to adhere to the specification in Regulations 1212-1217. However, if the commercial building was constructed after July 1, 1994, the owners need to follow the Regulations 1201-1211. Each set of regulations dictates the specifics clearly.

To ensure that your residential or commercial building adheres to Australian Standards, contact Light-On Electrical. We will guide you in your choice of smoke detectors as well as install them in the correct locations.

Moving into any commercial establishment comes with certain concerns, but these concerns are much greater when you move into one that has been pre-owned. Any commercial building that has been used previously is at risk of having issues due to wear or other reasons. For this reason, we recommend that you need an immediate electrical inspection and any necessary maintenance on your used establishment prior to move-in day. These steps will ensure that your electrical wiring and fixtures are adequate, in ideal condition and are safe for your needs.

An Electrical Inspection Will Discover Any Problems That Require Repair

The first thing that an inspection will do it find any issues in the electrical system that need repair or replacing. Problems can range from frayed wires to broken fixtures or power points. It is imperative to discover all these issues since poor wiring and malfunctioning electrical elements can cause fires to occur.

You Will Learn If the Wiring Is Adequate for Your Power Requirements

With an inspection, you also can learn if the wiring will deliver adequate power for the optimal operation of your business. This includes switchboard deficits if there are any. Switchboards play an integral role in all commercial and non-commercial structures in the safe distribution of electrical power to all sections of them.

Electrical Maintenance Remedies All Issues or Defects Efficiently

Maintenance on electrical elements and wiring will remedy all defects and issues. While certain problems may only require repairing, other ones will call for full replacement. Also, if the building is old enough certain updates may be called for to handle the power load that you require each day. With all of today’s electronic devices and equipment, many aging structures do not contain the right wiring configurations to operate them smoothly and without problems.

You Need to Ensure That a Pre-Owned Commercial Establishment Adheres to Current Building Codes

One last reason that a pre-owned commercial building requires an immediate electrical inspection and any maintenance that is needed is to ensure that it complies with present building codes. As authorities see a need for improvement in these codes, they will change them without notice. Only professionals keep up with the alterations.

For further facts about why moving into a pre-owned commercial building calls for an immediate electrical inspection and any required maintenance, consult with Light-On Electrical. We can take care of both for you efficiently and effectively. Along with electrical services, we also specialise in services for air conditioning and refrigeration. Upon request, we will provide you with a quote of all your needs.

The flow of electricity through your house or building is crucial in order to perform many of your daily activities. In order to supply your structure on a continual basis, though, your electrical wiring and components must be installed correctly and according to code. The only way to ensure this is by hiring a professional electrical contractor, such as our company of Light-On Electrical. We provide a wide assortment of services from simple GPO installations to switchboard upgrades. In the following, we provide you further facts about our company and services.

About Light-On Electrical

As a family-owned business, we have been serving the Melbourne metropolitan area for more than 15 years. We specialise in all kinds of electrical, refrigeration and air conditioning services for residential, commercial, industrial and strata properties. The staff members at our company have extensive technical expertise and experience in their specific duty assignments. You receive quality work in a timely, cost-effective way along with courteous, thorough customer service.

Our Domestic Services

On new homes, renovations and extensions, we work closely with our clients and their builders to ensure that we install all the necessary electrical wiring, general purpose outlets or GPOs, and other pertinent elements. Also, we are experts in all types of lighting for your home. Custom options are available since we employ a design team. Switchboards are other important electrical elements for homes to ensure that the power is distributed correctly and our company will install or upgrade ones as necessary. No house is completely safe without working smoke detectors, and our team will install as many as you require throughout your house.

The Commercial Services That We Provide

Commercial companies have many of the same requirements as houses do but on a larger scale. Our company works with businesses all the time to ensure that their electrical needs are met from new shop fit outs to emergency and exit lighting. Skilled crews from Light-On also install the more complex switchboards that commercial venues often need.

We Also Offer Industrial Services

Our industrial services are the most complex of our electrical installations and maintenance. Crews from our company install outlets ranging from 10 amp single-phase up to 32 amp three-phase, all sizes of machines, sub boards and highly complex switchboards.

Turn to Us for Electrical Maintenance

You also can rely on us for re-wiring, repairs and preventative maintenance. Keep your electrical wiring and components working optimally all throughout the year with our help.

Contact us at your earliest convenience to discuss your electrical needs. We will issue you a quote upon request.