The Significance of Electrical Preventative Maintenance in Commercial Buildings

18 November 2021

Commercial buildings support businesses in increasing sales and revenues, boosting market presence, and providing excellent services to clients or customers. And to effectively achieve these goals, these buildings should operate optimally.

One aspect of their operations that must be maintained all the time is electricity. The presence of a stable electrical system ensures that all appliances, devices, and other fittings will run stably. It can likewise make sure that the products or services can be sold or carried out perfectly. Ultimately, it ensures that the entire processes and activities inside the buildings will be done optimally.

The electrical system of your commercial building is vital for your operations. Hence, you must make sure that it will be assessed and maintained all the time.

Electrical Preventative Maintenance is Vital

One type of maintenance that must always be conducted in your electrical system is known as preventative maintenance. This type of maintenance entails the regular assessment of electrical systems, ensuring that they will keep running for a long time. It likewise makes sure that system components will not break down during the operations of your business and cause critical issues to connected appliances, devices, and other fittings.

Key Processes of Preventative Maintenance

Electrical preventative maintenance usually involves various processes to ensure that every component of the electrical system will operate optimally. Some of these processes are as follows:

  • Inventory – Every component of your electrical system must be catalogued based on the level of harm that they may generate should they fail in the future. As soon as all the components are ranked properly, the subsequent processes can now be conducted properly.
  • Inspection – The succeeding process that must be conducted during the electrical preventative maintenance is inspection. Components that are utilised in critical environments are recommended to be inspected more often, while those that are tucked in secure areas can be inspected once a year. Aside from inspecting the state of the components, they must also be observed for unusual characteristics like odd sounds, odours, or appeal. 
  • Testing – After inspecting and observing the conditions of the electrical components, professionals must then test some of the parts. These tests make sure that they will remain reliable. 
  • Record-Keeping – Once the previous processes are finished, professionals should record everything that has been found. From every little problem down to their proposed solutions, recording them can help you compare them to any previous and future data. 
  • Repair and Replacement – One more process that is needed for electrical preventative maintenance is the repair or replacement of the electrical system components. Based on the curated data from previous processes, necessary actions can be developed to ensure that your system will keep running. Some may already be repaired right away, while others would require urgent replacement.

To find out more about preventative maintenance of electrical systems, you can contact us at Light-On Electrical. We are an electrical contractor and family-owned business with over 15 years of experience serving the Melbourne Metropolitan areas.

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