Domestic, commercial, and other types of buildings require a stable source of power to ensure the operations of their appliances, devices, and machines. And the only system that can provide their needed power is the electrical system.

An electrical system ensures that the operating demands of buildings are met. Normally, this system is comprised of a power source, a conductor, an electrical load, and a controller, which must be all installed and maintained by experts. The quantity of these components may vary, but they ultimately work together to provide and transport electricity across various rooms and areas safely.

Even though most of these components can last for a long time, some may end up requiring professional servicing in just a few years. If your electrical system manifests the following signs, you do not have a choice but to have its components rewired by experts right away.

One electrical safety device that many electrical systems utilise is the circuit breaker. This device protects the system from the effects of overcurrent or short-circuiting by interrupting the current flow to various equipment pieces. Once the current has been cut off, property owners like you can reset it to resume system operation. Your breaker may trip occasionally, especially if high-draw appliances have been turned on. But if your circuit breaker trip almost all the time despite utilising low-draw appliances, your system’s electrical wiring may need to be replaced.

Another sign that your electrical system requires rewiring is the constant flickering of lights. Lights flicker whenever high-draw appliances have been turned on. They likewise flicker whenever the storm outdoors is strong. However, if your lights flicker constantly, you must hire a professional technician who can check and service your electrical system effectively.

Several appliances and devices may emit some noise whenever they have been switched on. They likewise produce more sounds as they utilise more loads. But if the noises that you hear inside your property come from your electrical system, you may have to be cautious and have it checked by professionals to avoid more dangers. Any presence of buzzing or sizzling sound during the operations of your electrical system could mean that its wires require immediate rewiring.

Aside from strange sounds, your electrical system may require rewiring services once it emits peculiar odours. An electrical system, as mentioned earlier, transfers power across your property. Once you smell burning rubber or plastic inside your home or building, there is a high chance that some parts of your system have become damaged already due to overheating. The only way to resolve this issue is to shut down your power at the main breaker and contact an electric technician.

Outlets in your property should be grounded so they do not introduce fire and other hazards. Grounded outlets can likewise prevent you and others from getting electric shocks. Now, if some of your outlets have been around for a very long time, they may require immediate replacement. Rewiring is also necessary so that your system can work alongside modern outlets.

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Industrial buildings are comprised of varying elements that can make industrial processes possible. One of these elements is industrial machines. 

Machines, devices, and tools intended for industrial applications have unique specifications that allow business operations to be conducted effectively. Most of the time, they require a high amount of electricity before they can work optimally. They also need enough clearances around them so that their components can move freely. Spaces must likewise be given to industrial machines to ensure that their operating temperatures will be optimised and regulated properly.

Some business owners allow their employees to install industrial machines. But if you want to ensure the safety and efficiency of your operations, you must let professionals conduct the installation. Here are some reasons why you should let professionals install your industrial machines.

One of the reasons why you must let professionals install your industrial machines is they can optimise their layout. Industrial machines may come in various forms and dimensions. They also serve different functions. Without considering these things during their installation, workers might only find them in the most inconvenient area of their workplace. To prevent this problem, professionals ensure that they optimise the layout of the industrial machines. They do this by checking any available drawings, coordinating with employees and managers, and applying reference points on the floor.

Another reason why you must hire professionals to install your industrial machines is they can carry out their installation right on time. Industrial machines are often purchased so they can be utilised for specific applications and processes. While they can be bought anytime, their installation must be planned thoroughly first to avoid issues along the way. Professionals who are adept in installing industrial machines can ensure that they will only install them if the installation area is already clear. They will likewise install them if the new machines will not obstruct the usual work routine of employees.

Professionals do not only optimise the layout of industrial machines, but they can also provide enough support to conduct the installation effectively. Employees who are tasked to install the machines may only do it as is. They will not be able to add any support mechanisms that will make the machines protected during their installation. Permitting professionals to install your industrial machines, on the other hand, can guarantee their safety and protection. They may integrate overhead structural steel, access platforms, and other support mechanisms to make the installation safe and simple.

One more reason why you should opt for professional industrial machine installation is they can establish all the necessary electrical and other services for your machines. Industrial machines will not be able to work optimally if they are not connected to the needed utilities and services. Some may likewise have to be connected with other existing machines and tools before they can be utilised fully. Professionals often connect industrial machines to power, water, hydraulics, pneumatics, data, and other services. If you need to have your machines installed by professionals, you must call us at Light-On Electrical.

For businesses that have to store perishable and delicate products, they have to utilise cold storage solutions. Cold storage solutions, after all, can store these products and maintain their low temperatures, which prevents them from getting ruined and spoiled right away.

One of the cold storage solutions that they can use is a coolroom. A coolroom is a refrigeration chamber that can maintain a pre-set low temperature throughout its operations.

Coolrooms are often installed in just one place. However, some coolrooms can be transported to different areas as they are crafted to be mobile. Transportable or mobile coolrooms feature tons of benefits that can help business owners like you in conducting your operations. 

Benefits of a Transportable Coolroom

There are tons of benefits that you can obtain from investing in and using a transportable coolroom. Some of these benefits are as follows:

Choosing a Transportable Coolroom

When choosing a transportable coolroom for your business, here are some factors you might want to consider to attain and maximise its associated benefits.

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For buildings to function optimally, they must be equipped with a fully functional electric power system. With this system, equipment pieces, machines, and appliances are all allowed to work and function accordingly, making sure that buildings can carry out a wide array of activities.

One part of the electric power system that should work optimally is the electrical outlet. An electrical outlet is a system component that allows electrical equipment pieces to be connected to the electrical grid. Once an electrical device is plugged into the electrical outlet, the loop of wire is ultimately complete, allowing electric power to flow through so that the device can become operational.

Not all electrical outlets, however, work similarly. Here are some of the most common electrical outlets and how they work.

2-Prong Outlets

2-prong outlets have been around for a long time. They are 15-amp, 125-volt outlets that maximise two wires on an undergrounded circuit, making them somehow less safe compared to other outlets as they do not utilise a ground wire. Building owners that still use 2-prong outlets are often advised to replace them right away to ensure the safety of their properties.

3-Prong Outlets

3-prong outlets serve as the perfect replacement for 2-prong outlets. These outlets are the go-to outlets for most properties as they have a third prong for ground, making them much more compliant with existing building codes and standards. Through the grounding element of these outlets, any unstable or high electrical currents are expected to be neutralised.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter Outlets

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter or GFCI outlets are outlets often used in areas where water is being maximised. Some areas where GFCI outlets are commonly installed are the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry areas. These outlets can be easily identified thanks to their huge TEST and RESET buttons on their bottom area. Once they have detected current changes, they will promptly stop the current flow.

Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter Outlets

Air Fault Circuit Interrupter or AFCI outlets, alternatively, may look similar to GFCI outlets. The main difference is that AFCI outlets regulate and minimise arcs whenever electricity leaps from one wire to another. Most of the time, these outlets are installed into the breaker. They can, however, be added through a special outlet on older properties.

Recessed Outlets

A great alternative to 3-prong outlets, recessed outlets are outlets that recessed into the box. They are not flushed with the wall plate that other outlets often manifest, giving them a stealthy vibe that makes a property appealing. What is great about maximising recessed outlets compared to other outlets is they can prevent cords and other electrical cables from bending.

Temper Resistant Outlets

Temper resistant outlets are one of the outlets that are now required by some building codes globally. These outlets utilise a special barrier to stop random foreign objects from being inserted. The special barrier will then only open if a grounded or 2-bladed plug is being inserted. Maximising these outlets can be very useful to protect children from electrocution.

To know more about these electrical outlets, you can contact us at Light-On Electrical.

Lights in properties are essential to effectively illuminate areas where daily activities are conducted. They also help deter burglars and other unauthorised people from entering private properties. Lighting fixtures are likewise used to enhance the appeal and ambience of various rooms and spaces.

But to ensure that these functions are carried out, the lights in properties should always be used appropriately. Additionally, they must be assessed and checked regularly to ensure that they are still in good condition. Replacing some lights, even if they are still operating, can sometimes be a good choice since they may be already inefficient and ineffective. As faulty lights are used, they may end up causing damages to electrical systems. They may likewise generate higher energy bills.

There are various reasons why your lights have become inefficient. Some of them are the following.

  1. Erratic Usage

One of the reasons why your lights have become inefficient is erratic usage. Lighting fixtures receive a lot of power every time they are being switched on. And if they are constantly switched on and off, there is a high chance that their components will generate heat. The heat will then expand some of its core parts like the filament and the wire. Turning the lights off may cool them a little bit. However, once they are turned on again right away, these components might finally break and make the lights defective.

Fluctuations or fluxes in power can also be a reason why your lights may become inefficient. Power companies have been doing their best just to provide the necessary power supply to households, offices, and other customers. But there are times when the power supply becomes unstable. The instability in power often leads to power surges, forcing the lights to switch on and off rapidly. Power fluxes are not only caused by an unstable power supply but can also be triggered by lightning strikes and small voltage spikes, which are often caused by plugging in and unplugging appliances and devices.

Aside from erratic usage and power fluxes, your property lights may have become inefficient due to loose connections. Light fittings that are not connected properly to wirings and fixtures can become inefficient as they cannot maximise the power being supplied to them. As the power is hindered from reaching the lights, they may burn out prematurely.

One more possible reason your lights have become inefficient is due to aged switches. Some switches may be existing for a long time now. And even though they are still functional, they might not be compatible with modern models of lights. Hence, if you will be attempting to install lights into older switches, there is a huge chance that the lights might blow out in just a few days or weeks. If you want to make your lights effective and efficient, you can call us at Light-On Electrical.

Air conditioners are appliances that can help home properties stay cool and comfortable. By maintaining the quality and freshness of the air, they can make these properties more enjoyable to live in.

But one problem that many air conditioners generate is loud operating noise. Air conditioners can only function optimally if they utilise the right set of components. As their components run and function, air conditioners would emit noises related to their movements. Split air conditioners, fortunately, can carry out their cooling functions while maintaining quiet operations.

The main reason behind their quiet operations is the separation of their components. Their outdoor unit houses components that often emit noises during operations. Once placed outside, homeowners can expect properties to be peaceful. Here are some situations a split air conditioner can benefit your home.

  1. Getting Decent Sleep

One situation where a quiet split air conditioner can benefit your home is if you and others want to get some decent sleep. Experts would recommend people to make their sleeping place to be as quiet as possible so they can sleep comfortably. With a split air conditioner, it can easily make your property not only refreshing but also quiet, allowing you and others to attain a good night’s sleep and its accompanying health benefits. Even children can sleep comfortably with this type of air conditioner.

A migraine is a type of headache where throbbing pain can be felt on side of the head. This particular headache can be infuriating for some, especially if the pain is accompanied by vomiting, nausea, and sensitivity to light and sound. Opting for an air conditioner that emits sound can be difficult for those who often suffer from a migraine. Going for a split one, alternatively, gives those who suffer from a migraine a chance to rest even just for a little bit.

Activities that require full concentration of mind and body can be tiring after some time. When paired with a loud environment, people who are studying, working, or simply catching a deadline for specific activities will be easily distracted. Installing a split air conditioner, luckily, can help generate rooms and spaces that are quiet. With quiet rooms and spaces, you and others can conveniently focus on your work and generate quality output. Even your mood despite working on numerous tasks will remain great.

Maintaining rapport with your neighbours is essential so they will not have any reason to be angry with you. Some neighbours, after all, can be sensitive when it comes to the noises generated by others. Installing a quiet split air conditioner can help maintain rapport as both indoor and outdoor units do not generate loud humming noises. A split air conditioner can help achieve the optimum noise levels, providing you and others peace of mind.

For split air conditioner installation, you can call us at Light-On Electrical.

When it comes to your new home, you must make sure that it is equipped with features that can make it not only appealing but also functional.

One feature of your new home that you must plan thoroughly is its electrical infrastructure. Electricity has become one of the most vital resources on the planet right now, as it powers almost all appliances, tools, and machines that are being utilised right now. In your new home, you are expected to use different appliances, devices, and light fittings in your everyday tasks and activities.

When planning an appropriate electrical infrastructure in your new home, you must ensure that you consider the following things.

Outlet Location

One crucial thing that you must consider when planning your electrical infrastructure is the location of your outlets. Since you have already invested in your new home, you may want to consume a little bit more time and effort in planning where your outlets and wiring will be placed. Outlets and wiring that are placed strategically can make your life easier as you can plug in your appliances and devices without any hindrances. Once you have pinpointed all possible locations of your outlets, you must consult with your electrician so they can accommodate your ideas and make them come true.

Energy Usage

Another thing to consider when planning your electrical infrastructure is your energy usage. Electric power is a resource that can help your home become functional. However, you still have to be wary about your energy consumption to avoid high utility bills. Fortunately, your electrical infrastructure can be energy-efficient through the integration of a home energy management system. With this specific system, your energy usage will vary depending on the price of power. It also allows you to control the operations of your air conditioning, ventilation panels, pool circulation system, and others.

Wiring System

Considering the type of wires that you will be maximising in your new home can also help you generate an appropriate electrical infrastructure. Wires and other related components are essential in making sure that the power supply will be transferred optimally from one end to another. With a standard-sized home, you may want to opt for an electrical service with 100 to 200 amps. As for your wiring system, you can choose from lead sheathed wiring, surface conduit wiring, or concealed conduit wiring. The last option can be good for you if you want to hide the wires behind the walls and plastering.

Additional Power

One more thing to consider when planning your electrical infrastructure is the need for additional power. The power requirements of appliances, devices, and other things today are advancing very quickly. And so, if you are thinking of expanding your new home and adding extra rooms or offices, then you must make sure that your electrical infrastructure can handle the needed additional power. One great way to accommodate the needed extra power is to maximise an advanced wiring system.

If you want some help with your electrical infrastructure, you can call us at Light-On Electrical.

Many food-related businesses today maximise cold storage spaces to ensure that their products will be preserved. However, not all cold storage spaces are made similarly. Hence, they must opt for those that boast qualities and functions that can match their needs.

One type of cold storage space that these businesses should acquire is a coolroom. A coolroom is a cold storage space that can effectively store a huge volume of products. It can likewise maintain low temperatures at all times, which can easily protect products from contamination. What is great about coolrooms today is that they can be customised according to the requirements of a business.

If you want to ensure the success of your food business, then you must opt for our custom coolroom at Light-On Electrical. Here are some reasons why you must acquire our custom coolroom.

  1. Obtain Enough Space

One of the reasons why you must acquire a custom coolroom from us is that it can guarantee you enough space for your products. We know the importance of having adequate space for the products. Hence, we design coolrooms that can match the space requirements of businesses. Opting for our coolroom ensures that your allocated floor area for this specific cold storage solution will be maximised entirely. It can likewise have dimensions that are enough to cater to your storage needs.

Another reason why you should acquire a custom coolroom from us is it can surely match the storage requirements of your products. In designing a coolroom, we ensure that it has enough space to store all products of your business. However, we likewise ensure that it can match the cooling requirements of the same products. So, our coolroom is designed to have cooling components that can preserve their quality. It likewise boasts a shelving layout that does not hinder the circulation of the cold air.

Acquiring a custom coolroom does not only grant you enough space and meet your desired cooling requirements, but it can also grant you significant energy savings. A coolroom that is customised based on your preferences will surely boast properties that can be efficient in terms of spending energy and money. With our coolroom, you can ensure that it will only consume energy based on your needs. It can even boost energy efficiency by incorporating performance panels and other accessories.

One more reason why you must acquire our custom coolroom is that it can minimise your expenses that are usually brought by maintenance and repairs. Our coolroom is made from materials that are durable and long-lasting. Therefore, you can expect it to last for a very long time. The durable and long-lasting components of our coolroom likewise allow them to operate for a long time even without regular cleaning and maintenance. They are even rated to store your products without any problems in the long run.

To obtain our custom coolroom for your business, you can call us at Light-On Electrical.

Unit developments and townhouses will never be complete without a bunch of electrical systems in each living space. And since these buildings maximise high amounts of electricity, the need to ensure their safety must be increased as well.

Electricity is vital to ensure proper operations of appliances, devices, and fittings. Through a stable power supply, various lighting, heating, cooling, and other processes can be conducted inside the previously mentioned residential properties. One great way, however, to keep these operations and processes safe is to maximise group meter panels.

Key Features of Group Meter Panels

Group meter panels are switchboards that can help multi-tenant buildings sustain their safety. These switchboards can also be maximised in shopping centres, office buildings, and other types of residential properties. Some may use these switchboards temporarily, while others are integrated permanently.

Many property owners opt for group meter panels since they are comprised of components that can ensure the safety of their buildings. Some of these components are service disconnection devices, service fuses, meter panel isolators, and outgoing circuit breakers. Most of these components fully comply with the rules stated by the local authorities to avoid any unnecessary accidents or expenses.

The content of these switchboards can be further modified to ensure that they can meet the requirements of property owners. During their design phase, group meter panels can boast varying levels of protection, different powder-coat finishes, and custom enclosure to make them functional and long-lasting.

The Significance of Correct Metering

One key purpose of adding group meter panels into unit developments and townhouses is that they can ensure correct metering of power. Since each unit of these properties consumes different amounts of electricity, they must all be billed precisely and separately.

Group meter panels, fortunately, can monitor the power consumption of each dwelling unit. This specific function allows the units to be individually charged for their overall power consumption. It is contrary to other properties that often charge tenants or unit owners with the median average of the power used by the entire property.

Cutting Off Power Supply Individually

Group meter panels do not only monitor the power usage of dwelling units, but they can also disconnect individual units from the power supply due to a couple of reasons. Some units may have to lose their power connections since their tenants have already vacated the place. Others, alternatively, must be cut off from power connections as they have not paid their bills for a long time. Some units must not also have power due to ongoing refurbishment or reconstruction activities.

To know more about group meter panels, you can contact us at Light-On Electrical. We are an electrical contractor and family-owned business with over 15 years of experience serving the Melbourne Metropolitan area. We can accomplish all electrical, air conditioning, and refrigeration needs for strata, commercial, industrial, and residential properties.

When designing a home property, designers and other contractors have to make sure that every aspect of the property design will be accounted for. One aspect of property design that should be considered thoroughly by the professionals is the lighting.

Through a well-lit home property, occupants can expect to obtain a lot of benefits. One great benefit of a well-lit home property is it improves the overall health of the occupants. Rooms and spaces with great lighting can help occupants minimise eye strains and headaches, improve sleep, and enhance their overall energy, mood, and safety. A well-lit home property can likewise make the whole place valuable as it can showcase various focal points of the house. A home property with great lighting can also boost property value, make the whole place inviting, and generate a lively ambience.

To ensure that your property will provide these benefits, here are some tips that you can do when adding some lights to each of your rooms.

Living Room

One of the most flexible rooms in your home is the living room. It is considered to be flexible as it can be utilised in various ways such as cosy movie nights, casual entertainment of guests, playing area, and so on. Given its adaptable purposes, your living room can easily take advantage of track lighting. A track lighting enables your living room to be illuminated with an ambient, task, or accent lighting. It can likewise provide a wide array of lighting schemes, patterns, and other customisation options. Other lighting options that can be maximised in your living room are valance lighting and plug-in floor lamp torchieres.


The kitchen is the heart of your home property. After all, delicious meals are often prepared and served from this area. Since food preparation and other activities are done inside the kitchen, it should boast an appropriate task and ambient lighting. Task lighting, for instance, must be present on the counters, on the island, and over the sink. Undercabinet lights can also be great to ensure that food preparation activities are done properly. Ambient lighting, alternatively, must be placed on a ceiling fixture so the whole kitchen will be illuminated accordingly.


Another room of your home property that must be filled with the right type of lighting is the bathroom. Personal grooming and hygiene are often conducted in this room. Hence, it should be equipped with lights that can help with these activities without causing dangers. When placing some lights inside the bathroom, they must not point down at the mirror to avoid casting unnecessary shadows. For better bathroom appeal, you should integrate some sconces or pendants on each side of the mirrors to balance the lights. Remember that wall-mounted lights in a bathroom will be better than overhead lights.

If you need some help in illuminating your home, you can contact us at Light-On Electrical. We have a well-rounded team of knowledgeable individuals that have extensive experience and technical expertise in their line of work. We deliver quality work on time and within your budget, matched with excellent customer service.