5 Signs Your Electrical System Needs Rewiring

10 May 2022

Domestic, commercial, and other types of buildings require a stable source of power to ensure the operations of their appliances, devices, and machines. And the only system that can provide their needed power is the electrical system.

An electrical system ensures that the operating demands of buildings are met. Normally, this system is comprised of a power source, a conductor, an electrical load, and a controller, which must be all installed and maintained by experts. The quantity of these components may vary, but they ultimately work together to provide and transport electricity across various rooms and areas safely.

Even though most of these components can last for a long time, some may end up requiring professional servicing in just a few years. If your electrical system manifests the following signs, you do not have a choice but to have its components rewired by experts right away.

  • Tripping Breakers

One electrical safety device that many electrical systems utilise is the circuit breaker. This device protects the system from the effects of overcurrent or short-circuiting by interrupting the current flow to various equipment pieces. Once the current has been cut off, property owners like you can reset it to resume system operation. Your breaker may trip occasionally, especially if high-draw appliances have been turned on. But if your circuit breaker trip almost all the time despite utilising low-draw appliances, your system’s electrical wiring may need to be replaced.

  • Blinking Lights

Another sign that your electrical system requires rewiring is the constant flickering of lights. Lights flicker whenever high-draw appliances have been turned on. They likewise flicker whenever the storm outdoors is strong. However, if your lights flicker constantly, you must hire a professional technician who can check and service your electrical system effectively.

  • Strange Sounds

Several appliances and devices may emit some noise whenever they have been switched on. They likewise produce more sounds as they utilise more loads. But if the noises that you hear inside your property come from your electrical system, you may have to be cautious and have it checked by professionals to avoid more dangers. Any presence of buzzing or sizzling sound during the operations of your electrical system could mean that its wires require immediate rewiring.

  • Peculiar Odours

Aside from strange sounds, your electrical system may require rewiring services once it emits peculiar odours. An electrical system, as mentioned earlier, transfers power across your property. Once you smell burning rubber or plastic inside your home or building, there is a high chance that some parts of your system have become damaged already due to overheating. The only way to resolve this issue is to shut down your power at the main breaker and contact an electric technician.

  • Ungrounded Outlets

Outlets in your property should be grounded so they do not introduce fire and other hazards. Grounded outlets can likewise prevent you and others from getting electric shocks. Now, if some of your outlets have been around for a very long time, they may require immediate replacement. Rewiring is also necessary so that your system can work alongside modern outlets.

If you need rewiring services, you can give us a call at Light-On Electrical.

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