4 Reasons Why You Should Acquire a Custom Coolroom from Light-On Electrical

25 January 2022

Many food-related businesses today maximise cold storage spaces to ensure that their products will be preserved. However, not all cold storage spaces are made similarly. Hence, they must opt for those that boast qualities and functions that can match their needs.

One type of cold storage space that these businesses should acquire is a coolroom. A coolroom is a cold storage space that can effectively store a huge volume of products. It can likewise maintain low temperatures at all times, which can easily protect products from contamination. What is great about coolrooms today is that they can be customised according to the requirements of a business.

If you want to ensure the success of your food business, then you must opt for our custom coolroom at Light-On Electrical. Here are some reasons why you must acquire our custom coolroom.

  1. Obtain Enough Space

One of the reasons why you must acquire a custom coolroom from us is that it can guarantee you enough space for your products. We know the importance of having adequate space for the products. Hence, we design coolrooms that can match the space requirements of businesses. Opting for our coolroom ensures that your allocated floor area for this specific cold storage solution will be maximised entirely. It can likewise have dimensions that are enough to cater to your storage needs.

  • Match the Products

Another reason why you should acquire a custom coolroom from us is it can surely match the storage requirements of your products. In designing a coolroom, we ensure that it has enough space to store all products of your business. However, we likewise ensure that it can match the cooling requirements of the same products. So, our coolroom is designed to have cooling components that can preserve their quality. It likewise boasts a shelving layout that does not hinder the circulation of the cold air.

  • Save Tons of Energy

Acquiring a custom coolroom does not only grant you enough space and meet your desired cooling requirements, but it can also grant you significant energy savings. A coolroom that is customised based on your preferences will surely boast properties that can be efficient in terms of spending energy and money. With our coolroom, you can ensure that it will only consume energy based on your needs. It can even boost energy efficiency by incorporating performance panels and other accessories.

  • Minimise Maintenance

One more reason why you must acquire our custom coolroom is that it can minimise your expenses that are usually brought by maintenance and repairs. Our coolroom is made from materials that are durable and long-lasting. Therefore, you can expect it to last for a very long time. The durable and long-lasting components of our coolroom likewise allow them to operate for a long time even without regular cleaning and maintenance. They are even rated to store your products without any problems in the long run.

To obtain our custom coolroom for your business, you can call us at Light-On Electrical.

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