4 Main Factors to Consider when Choosing Your Next Walk-in Coolroom or Freezer

04 November 2021

Food products are essential to restaurants, bakeries, and others since most of their offerings rely on these items. And for them to be stored properly, they must be placed inside a coolroom or freezer.

Both coolroom and freezer are significant to food-related businesses due to numerous reasons. For one, these cold storage solutions prevent food products from being contaminated with outdoor damaging elements. Coolrooms and freezers can likewise retain and even prolong the shelf life of the food products. They also allow the smooth entry of employees, ensuring that the delivery and acquisition of the products will be convenient and not affect the efficiency of the whole business.

If you want to obtain a reliable walk-in coolroom or freezer for your establishment, then here are some factors that you must consider thoroughly.

  1. Insulation Effectiveness

One of the main factors that you should consider when choosing your next walk-in coolroom or freezer is its insulation effectiveness. You see, the performance of your coolroom or freezer can be affected by the holding temperature, products’ weight and temperature, amount of air filtration, and the surrounding climate. If the doors, walls, and ceiling of your coolroom or freezer are made from materials with a high R-value, then they can easily retain their required temperatures and maintain the quality of products.

  • Energy Efficiency

Another factor that you must consider when picking your walk-in coolroom or freezer is their energy efficiency. Somehow related to the first point, considering the energy efficiency of the coolroom or freezer can ensure optimum operations without spending too much money on energy bills. Before opting for a walk-in coolroom or freezer, you must ensure that their components have a decent R-value. Components that can prevent the entry of heat can help the coolroom or freezer sustain its cooling operations.

  • Door Composition

The door of your walk-in coolroom or freezer plays a pivotal part in ensuring that employees can easily acquire and store their needed products. However, this specific part can also generate issues if its overall composition is not compatible with your location. If the location of your business often receives high temperatures, then you may expect your coolroom or freezer door to be steaked by condensation. Going for new types of doors can help you prevent problems that are caused by condensation formation.

  • General Installation

One more factor that you should consider when choosing your next walk-in coolroom or freezer is their general installation. A walk-in coolroom or freezer can only work optimally if their stored products do not exceed their maximum storage capacity. They can also work well if they can operate alongside the electrical and plumbing components of your establishment. Ultimately, your walk-in coolroom or freezer can last for a long time if they are installed by professionals.

To acquire a high-quality walk-in coolroom or freezer for your business, you can call us at Light-On Electrical. We are an electrical contractor and family-owned business with over 15 years of experience serving the Melbourne Metropolitan area.

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